Friday, August 28, 2009

Stop and Shop Dollar Double Great Deals

I was so upset that the circulars did not come until we came back from grocery shopping! Cos...then I saw the double dollar coupons at Stop and Shop. UURGGHH!! There are some great deals for those!!


Danimals Drinkable Yogurt, $2, there were some $1 coupons out (including this week's SS)
Final Price: FREE

Activia Yogurt, $2, $1 MQ (this week's SS and past weeks too?)
Final Price: FREE

Bar S Hot dogs (on the other spectrum from Nathan's, but hey! they'll be free!), $0.99 each, $1/2 coupons here.
Final Price: 2 package FREE

Mission Flour Tortillas or corn tortillas(30 ct), as low as $2.29, $1 MQ (out sometime back)
Final Price: $0.29 per pack

Aren't they great deals? Go grab them. I boo-hooed for some lost free yogurt, but it's ok, the double coupon thingey seems to be quite regular now.

Remember, spend $15 before using the coupons!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stop and Shop $3.30 14 Hebrew National dogs

At Stop and Shop this week (starting Fri 8/21) , you can buy 7 ct Hebrew National Beef Franks for $5.30, and get another 7 ct free. (I have no idea why would people sell a 7 ct franks!! I got the info from Peapod, anyone has gotten the HN Beef franks before? Is it really 7 ct?)

To make it sweeter, get 2 $1 coupons here, and get both for $3.30!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Good buys: Stop and Shop. Almost FREE Lipton!

I'm not doing CVS or Walgreens this week, but got some good buys from Stop and Shop!

Split Chicken Breasts, $0.99/lb!

Dannon Yogurt, 10 for $4, MQ (this week's SS) $1/10, $0.30 each!

and this is a really good one

Lipton tea bags, 16 count, $1.09. MQ $0.50 here. $0.09 after MQ!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giveaways Aug 11th

I signed up for these giveaways:

$20 CVS Giftcard at mojosavings. Now that is a GREAT giveaway!

$5 Amazon Giftcard at Coupon Teacher. I'll love to use this!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

CVS Bargain: $2.25 per pack of dipe

Got my CVS snag!

2 packs of Huggies Jumbo (Stocking time for baby!)
1 Revlon Mineral Mousse Make up

Used 2 $1.50 coupon (Thanks, C!) I just realized you can also get the coupon here
Used $5/25 coupon
Sending in for Caregivers' Marketplace rebate, $1.50

Total: $4.50 for all

Great buy!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

CVS $5/25 coupon

Watch a video (with question) abt 5 min? and get a $5/25 coupon here!
This can be used for (this week starting Sun):
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse Make up, $9.99, ECB $9.99
Huggies diapers, 2 for $18, $4 ECB (If you have MQ that'll be sweeter), or else at least Caregivers Marketplace's rebate ($1.50)
That're essentially getting 2 packs of diapers for...$7.50 or less! I'm getting for baby to come...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walgreens $5/25 deal

There are many deals going around to use that $5/25 coupon Wags gave out (only good Wed/Thu). But most of them require way more many coupons I have and also too many RR (I don't like RR at fact that's one of the reasons I have not been to Wag for a long time).

BUT! I LOVE their ultra toilet paper. EQUAL quality as Charmin. So this was how I used the coupon.

3 packs 12 rolls Wags TP, $5.99 each
1 GUM Toothbrushes, $3.49, RR $3.49
1 VITAMIN conditioner, $3.99, RR $3.99

1 roll of double roll thick Wags TP at $0.40 each after this transaction.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Giveaways week Aug 3

Actually some of these are ending soon...I just haven't been in the giveaways for a while. But I do wish to win some of these!

Wallies peel stick chalkboard by the suburban jungle. This is so cool it'll be great for a gift I know for someone!!

Coupons and $20 Target giftcard by the frugal find. I can always use one of these.

Hide and Seek Frog messenger bag by suburban saving mom. This is SOOO cute I know Ian would love it!

Pediped shoes by Two of a kind (I always love shoes for my kids)

Snags at CVS/Rite Aid

We got mainly what we needed at CVS at a great deal and at Rite Aid...well, the stock is PATHETIC.

2 packs of pampers dipes, $20, $5 ECB, $4 MQ ($2 each)
2 Folgers coffee. 2 for $5 after ECB
2 Dawn dishwashing liq, $0.99, $0.70 MQ
1 folding chair, $10 (that we really) need)

$5/30 coupon

We spent $29.19, got back $6.50 of ECB (+ Spring spending savings)

We should have spent $10 on that chair (which we were about to buy somewhere else) spent $12.69 on the dipes, coffee and dawn. PRETTY cool.

Rite Aid
Venus razor, $7.62 (+tax), $2 MQ, waiting for $5 rebate, spent $0.62.