Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stop and Shop/Rite Aid

Stop and Shop Double Dollar Coupon deals from 10/30-11/5

Coffee Mate Liquid, $2, $1 Coupon here, Final Price: FREE
Progresso Soup, $1 each, $1/3 coupon here, Final Price: $1 for 3

Rite Aid (Before 10/31):

Huggies Diapers Jumbo, $9.99, $3 SCR, $1.50 MQ mailer(If you have), or $1.50 (only Little Movers/snugglers) here or $3 (Pure and natural) here

Vaseline Sheer Infusion, $4.99. $4 SCR, $1.50 MQ here

St Ives, $3.99, $3 SCR, $1 MQ (inserts)

Kotex Pads, $2.99, $2 SCR, $1 MQ here

Use $4/20 here

Final Price: Free and possibly overage!

Another deal that I MIGHT try (this is for this week or next)

Pampers box, $19.99 (that's 82 pieces for size 4), $3 mailer MQ
a filler
Use $4/20
That'll give me about $0.16 per dipe. Not bad.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rite Aid at it again!

Another new week of freebies!!! This time I'm even more excited, cos Zucol works SO WELL for us (it's homeopathic). And I heard so much good things about Sambucol. Other things look interesting, like the sore throat stuff...

Ok, here are the coupons match up for OVERAGE!!

Blink Tears, $1.50
Chestal Cough syrup, $1 here

Apparently you can find the sambucol coupon in the box.

There used to be Little Allergies coupon in the insert (I could not find mine)

And remember the $5/25
coupon to make the deals SWEETER!!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One more great Rite Aid Diaper Deal!

Rite Aid is giving out $10 gift card if you buy $30 worth of P&G specified products. I'm going only for the diapers (pampers only)

Big pack is $19.99 this week.

You can buy 2, use a $5/25 coupon here (expiring Dec 19 2009)
and then get back $10 gift card.
Use Pampers coupon if you have to sweeten the deal
And remember this counts towards the Fall of Savings too!

For me, I already got a pack together with my big snag on Sun (that makes THAT pack $2.99)
(I've reached the max of Fall of Savings cert, $20)

Now, my transaction will be:

a big pack of diapers, $19.99
Sinus buster, $8.99 (only FAR item I haven't bought)
Use $5/25 coupon

Get back $8.99 rebate
Get back $10 gift card.

The pack will cost me $5. GOSH! (That's $0.05 per size 3 dipe!) STOCK UP!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

BIG Snag: Rite Aid, CVS, Wags *Edited*

Great weekend!

WALGREENS: 2 packs of Huggies Dipes, jumbo
2 $2 coupons
Caregivers $1.50
Final Price: $4.25 per pack!

3 packs Quilted Northern
$6.99 X 3
Coupon $1 X3
ECB $3
1 Tums
1 Snickers
Coupon $0.85
$5/25 coupon
Final Price: 13.49 for all (that makes $0.38 per roll of TP with free TUMS and chocolate)

Rite Aid: (*Edited*)
1 Big Pack of Pampers, size 3 (96 pieces)
And the rest in the pic (right in front of diapers) are free after rebate items (we sort of need them too with cold, sore throat etc)
Used $5/25 coupon and 1 $1 Simply saline coupon

Got another simply saline (and used $1 coupon) and 1 throat cooler (used $1) in another store

Will get back $20 for Fall Savings.

That makes my big pack of diapers at $1.99!!!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LOTS of great deals this week!

I'm so excited I just have to post this quick!

It's that time of the year Rite Aid helps the allergy/cold sufferers! (Boy do we need these in our household). TONS of free stuff. Take a look!

Starting Sun. (So, if you buy before 10/17 you can still get your
Gift of Savings!!) That'll make it sweeter. Use a $5/25 coupon here.

Other Coupons available:

Throat Cooler, $1 (I have lots of them from the free ones I bought last year I think...gotta check expiration date)
Simply Saline, $1 (From insert before)

Other deals:
Pampers Big Pack, $19.99 (I should have MQ for this. $1 from P&G Saver)

CVS Deals:
There are 2 free after ECB deal (so-so, I don't need them)

But you can get pretty decent TP too:

Quilted Northern 12 pk, $6.99, $1 ECB. $1 MQ
here, Final Price: $4.99 (that's...$0.42 per roll), Limit 3

Huggies diapers, 2 for $18
RR $4
2 $2 MQ
$1.50 Caregivers Rebate
Final Price: $4.25 per pack

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Hanes REAL deal: 3 hours left!!

I just got 14 sweats (pants/shirts) for my kids and me (for now and later too!!)for $50 shipped. Isn't that a great deal or what???!!!

Go to Hanes (if you have ebates, go through ebates and get 4% back!!).

Grab the sweats or anything you like. I love the sweats and kids' sweats are like $4!!. Use link15 as promo code. to get 15% off. The code seemingly ends today.

Crank up to $49 (AFTER discount) and you get free shipping.