Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stop and Shop Double Dollar Deals

YEAH! It's here again! The double dollar coupons are coming up pretty frequently and I LOVE IT!

Alright, here are the deals I've got on my hand. Remember you have to spend $15 (try if you can...AFTER coupons to be safe) and you can use 4 $1 coupons.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, $2
MQ $1 here
Final Price: FREE

Danimals Drinkable Yogurt or crushable cup, $2
MQ (sometime back) $1
Final Price: FREE

Dan Active Yogurt, $2
MQ $1
Final Price: FREE

Other non-coupon deals
SS Big Daisy Bread, $1
Pillsbury and Betty Crocker cake mix, $1
Stop and Shop Frozen Veg (16 oz), $1

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rite Aid better deal

Last week I thought I was getting a great deal out of Rite Aid. But in the end I didn't get the Ivory soaps (no stock).

BUT! We managed to get my hubby's favorite Gillette Fusion Razor for free. That's even better!!!

3 packs of huggies dipes, $33 3 $2 coupon (printable)
1 Always Infinity Pad (THE BEST IN THE WORLD), $7
1 $1 coupon
1 Proantinox, $6.99 1 $3 coupon (from the videos)
1 $5/20 coupon

Gillette Fusion, $9
MQ $4

OOP: $37.79

Rebate (Rite Aid): 23.99 Rebate
(Caregivers): 2.25 Rebate
(Gift of savings): 10

Total cost of the above: $1.55!!

FREE Uncrustables

Anybody wants free peanut butter/jelly sandwich?
Get free uncrustables today (for the first 20000 who submit a after school tip)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

FREE Gillette Razors and other deals

Here are the deals I see this week (and will be taking advantage of hopefully):


Gillette Fusion Razors (My hubby has been using this since last year cos we got a lot for free), $9
SCR $5
MQ (P&G Saver) $4
Final Price: FREE

Crest Toothpaste, Oral B Advantage toothbrush, Outlast toothpast, $2.69
SCR $2.69
Final Price: FREE (I'm sure there are MQ out there for these)

Remember the gift of savings going on!!


Gillette Fusion Razors (My hubby has been using this since last year cos we got a lot for free), $8.99
RR: $6
MQ (P&G Saver) $4
Final Price: FREE with overage!

Dentek Dental floss or picks, $2
RR: $2
Final Price: FREE

Halls Refresh sugar free drops, $1
RR: $1
Final Price: FREE

There are lots of other free stuff, like Oral B toothbrush, Emergen-C booster, Vaseline lotion, Robitussin, Chapstick...

A good week to go to Wags I think.

I don't like RR at all, but I can use it for the soda deal (which my hubby wants)

4 12-pack (7-up, canada dry, A&W, Sunkist or Hawaiian Punch) for $10.92


Dannon Yogurt, 10 for $4, MQ $1 (recent insert), Final Price: $3 for 10

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rite Aid SUPER deal!!

3 packs of huggies dipes, $33
3 $2 coupon (printable)

1 Always Infinity Pad (THE BEST IN THE WORLD), $7
1 $1 coupon

1 Proantinox, $6.99
1 $3 coupon (from the videos)

1 $5/20 coupon

STILL have to buy (forgot) Ivory soaps, 4 packs of 3-pack, $4

OOP: $35.99
Rebate (Rite Aid): 18.99
Rebate (Caregivers): 2.25
Rebate (Gift of savings): 10

Total cost of the above (INCLUDING 4 packs of Ivory soaps): $4.75!!!!
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giveaways Week Sep 17th

I signed up for these this week:

$10 Panera Bread Giftcard from Calico Cash (we love Panera!)

Stop and Shop Gift card from free2bfrugal (Now THAT will be MIGHTY useful!)

Target gift card from bargain fun

Berenstain bears living light series by a frugal friend (I love the bears books)

$10 Target gift card by Smart Cents Mom

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We won a month worth of diapers!

From the giveaways we signed up last week, we won a month worth of Luvs diapers (and a diaper bag)!! WOW!

No, Luvs is not our prime choice, cos it's thin, but it's the BEST choice for new borns when they change dipe like every 2 hours. And Luvs is priced MUCH cheaper than the others.

Just in time for #3!!

Thank you, The Thrifty Mommy!!

Cheap Dipes, cereal, wonder bread and more! (Rite Aid and Stop and Shop)

This is a great week for deals! (Stop and Shop and Rite Aid)

RITE AID (From Sun 9/20)

Huggies Deal:
Buy 3 packs jumbo (I'll go for snug and dry), $33
Use 3 $2 coupons here (you'll need 2 coms)
Watch 20 short videos (I know a pain right? but you get more coupons) get $5/20 here
(This is the part I'm not sure-->) Use $2 Rite Aid coupon with the video you watched (make sure you watched the huggies one) -I'm not sure how many you can print and if they really would stack them
Get back $10 Rebate (Rite Aid)
Get back $5 Gift of Savings (You'll get more gift of savings if you spend more from now till Oct 17th!)
Send in for Caregivers' Marketplace Rebate, $2.25

Final Price: (let's say, with NO Rite aid coupon) $1.58 per pack!

Other deals:
Proantinox (a cranberry extract thingey), $6.99
Use $3 coupon with the videos you watched (choose the proantinox one)
Get back $6.99 Rebate
Final Price: Better than free!

I might be getting a pack of Always Infinity (the BEST pads the universe had seen) at $7 ($1 off coupon and $2 rebate = $4)

So, with huggies, proantinox and Always, I'm $4 shy from getting a $10 gift of savings gift cert! That's great!!

STOP AND SHOP (from Friday 9/18)

Cocoa Puffs & Kix Cereal, $2, $0.75 coupon here, Final price: $0.50 each!
Trix and Cinnamon Crunch (my hubby's fav), $2, $0.55 coupon here, Final Price: $0.90 each!
Giant Steamers, $1.67, $0.50 coupon here, Final price: $0.67 each (for 12 oz pack)
Wonder Bread, $2, $0.55 coupon here, Final Price: $0.90 per bread!

And by the way, if you like Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce (the only sauce our family eats), it's on sale for $0.99!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Target Kashi Deals, $0.38 per box of cereal!

Buy 5 Kashi cereal this week at Target, $2.88 each

Use $1.50 coupon here (you'll have to use 3 computers though) to print 5 of them

Get $5 giftcard back

Final Price: $0.38 each!

We like Kashi cereal cos they are really healthy and when they are this cheap, you should stock on cereal!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Giveaways week Sep 11th

I signed up for these giveaways this week!

Pedoodles shoes (18 mths to 3 yrs) from Momma in Flip Flops sponsored by Baby Half Off

$10 Stop and Shop Card by Deals-R-Us (my grocery store!)

personalized chore chart by My litter of six (really cute!)

$10 Target gift card by the Alaskan Bargain Hunter

Boogie wipes (these are great!) by Never2late2save
$10 Target gift card by to save a penny

Umi shoes by Mommies with Cents

A month's worth of Luvs diapers by The thifty mommy

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wise potato chips 8 oz for $0.50

Wise Potato chips on sale at Stop and Shop starting for a week since 9/11, $1.50.

Get coupon here for $0.50. After doubling, you pay $0.50 for them! If you're like our family, you'll stock up!!