Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Grocery Apr 10th

Today we spent about $50 on the above (there's still some more...milk, other it might near to $60 this week). Attempting no CVSing, so that's it for Grocery and household. Within my budget.

BUT! Out of this, $9.88 is for fruits! We have a HUGE fruit budget cos our kids LOVE fruits and I think I should eat more fruits at my stage of pregnancy.

The best buy this week:
Kashi frozen entrees - free (YEH! more to add to my freezing food/1st trimester pile)
McCormick taco seasoning - FREE! (after $1 coupon from
Butter - $0.89 after coupons
Chicken (those 2?) - $5.41

Last week, because we're freezing foods, we spent $55.09 on household and grocery (NOT BAD!)

Also, I think next week (unless there are AWESOME deals, I'm trying to skip grocery, except for eggs, milk and fruits) I have quite a bit of food stocked up for 1st trimester blues.

Kraft First Taste's coupon for a free deli sandwich just came in today. How lovely!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Giveaways Week Apr 9

I signed up for these givewaways

Little Fit Hats from two of a kind. (like a cap for kids, My son would LOVE this!)

Who wouldn't love a $25 Target giftcard? from STL mommy.

Nursing Tank (I'll need more of these soon!) from mommies with cents

Pikkolo Baby carrier (looks cool!) by Thrifty and chic mom

10 cans Libby vegetables and a tailgate kit from couponing101

Safe Sippy cups from lady bug soup

Hair sprinkles (these look SOOO adorable) by ladybug soup

Brita Filter by Common sense with money

Grocery/Drugstore planning Apr 10, 12

Soft soap body wash, $4.99, ECB $4.99, Final Price: FREE (I have coupons, so that's overage)
Colgate Enamel Protect, sensitive whitening tp 6oz or 360 sensitive toothbrush, $3.99, ECB $3.99, Final Price: FREE (Limit 2 Offers)

Stop and Shop
Land O Lakes Butter, $1.99, $0.55 coupon here, Final Price: $0.89 (limit 3?)
Nature Valley granola bars, Fiber One bars, 4 for $6 (must buy 4)
If they have chocolate mocha, I have many $1.35 coupons, making, 4 for $0.60
OR Nature Valley coupon (on my side bar), $0.60 each, print 4 (on 2 computers), 4 for $1.20

Toothbrush for free (after RR)

Rite Aid

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quiznos and Domino's compensation

After our bad Quizno's coupon and HORRID Domino's experience, we wrote in to them to let them know that poor business practices should not be tolerated.

Today we got certificate for a free pizza and coke from Domino's and a $5 card from Quizno's.

It takes a few minutes to write in emails like these (and do keep them respectful but firm), but it pays.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

CVS Tripping Apr 5

No pics...put away things too fast...

Here's what I got:

Transaction 1:
2 Easter grass, $0.79 each, FREE after ECB
1 Colgate Maxfresh, $2.99, $2 ECB, $1 coupon
2 Bamboo baskets, $1.99 each, FREE after ECB
2 gallons of milk, $3.19 each

$3/15 coupon

Transaction 2:
2 Huggies dipes (Natural Fit), $3 coupon each
1 Huggies Pull-ups, $2 CVS CRT, $2 coupon
Get back $10 ECB, $2.25 Caregivers
$5/25 coupon

Total: $4.62 for all of the above (think about it...I would have spent $5 on milk at Target [that's REALLY low price already] but now I got toothpaste and 3 packs of dipes too! Yoo-Hoo!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grocery Apr 3

We didn't plan on grocery this week (cos believe or not, I think we can make by another week, with just purchase of fruits, milk and eggs)...but...Stop and Shop got to have their double dollar this I had to go!

All these (including a sack of 20lb rice that I left out and 5 more yogurt that we gave my FIL) for $29.53 (we still have milk, eggs for this, we'll spend $34 this week? (plus the CVS tripping...maybe $35+). This is great savings!

The free items:
Vitamin water
Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, $1.79, $1 coupon, doubled: overage
Marcal toilet paper

VERY cheap (after coupons)
Dole pineapples: $1 for 3
Ricotta cheese: $0.99
Sour cream, $0.30
Progresso Crushed tomatoes, $0.50 each
That bunch of collard: $0.39!
Yogurt: $0.30 each
And I got some reduced price products, like the bananas (I LOVE these, half price and just as good) and broccoli

So, the double dollar coupon policy is confirmed, buy $15 (before coupons) and use all 4.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Giveaways week Apr 2

I signed up for these giveaways!

Hotslings by dealectible mommies (this looks very interesting and pretty!)

Babylegs by STL mommy. (I love babylegs, I only have a home-made pair that I kept using)

Halo Sleepsack by Mommies with cents. (Halo sacks are great things to have!)

Stroller (this looks amazing!) by jollymom

Keen grobag (like a sleeping sack) by Two of a kind

Ribbies Clippies (I wish my girl can wear these soon...maybe not...) by frugal mommy of 2 girls

Itty Bitty Bookworm curriculum (for 3-5 yrs old) by no ordinary moment

Phonics Magnet by homeschoolblogger

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grocery/Drugstore plan week Apr 3, 5

CVS (starting Apr 5)

This will be a great week for CVS! (and I have a $5/25 and $3/15 coupons to use yeh!)

Huggies/Baby buy $25, get 10 ECB (This is always good)

I'm getting:

2 packs Huggies dipes (natural fit), $20, 2 $3 coupon, $0.75 Caregiver's Rebate (each)

1 pack Huggies pull-up, $10, 1 $2 coupon, 1 $2 CVS coupon, $0.75 Caregivers' Rebate

10 ECB, $5/25

Final Price: $2.75 for 3 packs!

(now, if you still have the $5 coupon for Gentle care, you get wipes free!)

Other great sale:
Oval/rectangle bamboo basket, $1.99, $1.99 ECB, Final Price: FREE (limit 2)
Easter grass, $0.79, $0.79 ECB, Final Price: FREE (limit 2)
Skintimate cream shave, $3.49, $3.49 ECB, Final Price: FREE!
Colgate Maxfresh, $2.99, $2 ECB, $1 MQ(if you have them), Final Price: FREE (pay tax)

(I'm recently trying to boycott Wags for their poor customer service (only my store) so I'm not into that much deals, but here's this week's:)

Colgate Total, 4.2 oz, $3.49, $3.49 RR, Final Price: FREE (If you have coupons for these you get them more than free)

Rite Aid:
Blink Tears, $7.99, $7.99 Rebate, Final Price: FREE

Stop and Shop (starting Apr 3)

Dollar Double Days are back! (This time, they made it clear that you can use all 4 coupons for $15 purchase and when i read the fine prints, the $15 is after all DISCOUNTS - I suppose coupons are not "discounts")

Here're my buys:
Sorrento Ricotta Cheese, $2.99, $1 MQ (to be doubled), Final Price: $0.99
Dannon Yogurt, 10 for $5, $1 MQ (to be doubled), Final Price: $0.30 each
Cream of Chicken, 2 for $2, $1 MQ (to be doubled), Final Price: FREE (if they take IP)
Dole pineapples/mandarin oranges, 3 for $3, $1 MQ (to be doubled), Final Price: 3 for $1!!

Other good buys: Daisy Sour Cream, $1.50, $0.60 MQ (SS this week), to be doubled, Final Price: $0.30!
Halls Cough drops, $1.50, $0.75 MQ here, Final Price: FREE
Vitamin water, $1, $1 MQ (SS 4/5/09) Final Price: FREE (don't use this for double, they won't I think)
Progresso Tomatoes (cans), $1, $1/2 here, Final Price: $0.50 each (or if they take IP for double, you get 2 free)

btw, go to or and print out $0.60 Green Giant Valley Steamers...these should come in handy when SS has them on sale for $1 each!