Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lately I've been just frustrated with discrepancies.

First is that I realized I can't really utilize many of the deals posted online (which I really relied on before) cos we have VERY DIFFERENT DEALS!!! So sad. And it's sadder, cos our deals are WAY WORSE. For eg, the Wags weekly circular is like 20 pages in some other places (those posted online) and ours is like 8. The coupons I get in my newspapers are different too. boo-hoo, isn't it?

Then this is the big one. People have been saying to print out coupon policy so that we can deal with the situation in the store. Guess what? It does not work. I went to a Walmart in North Brunswick, NJ STORE 2003. (DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT). The place is dinky, poor stock and the prices TOTALLY different than the ones I see on other blogs. AND, worse. I CANNOT use internet coupons. The "customer service" just rolled her eyes and said "No, we do not accept any printed coupon. Ask security why" I tried to show her the policy I printed. NO USE. I was not happy cos that took my time! But what can I do? So I came home to wrote to Walmart. I think they can seriously get into trouble if they PRINT they accept the coupons and the store does not.

Anyhows, just ventilating. I still get good stuff, just not as great as some (which I'm very happy for you guys!!) BUT! I just have to remember, when I see the "bad" deals, to look at CVS in Manhattan. It's SO sad. 4 pages everytime. and hardly any good deal.

Giveaways Sep 30

Great giveaways again!

Pillsbury Sweeter America Prize Pack by Dealseekingmom

Sesame Street KNex toy giveaway by From Dates to Diapers (and beyond).

Del Monte Harvest Selections Meals by Common sense with money

Fre Books and Starbucks giftcard from One House Schoolroom. Weekly Giveaways, so stay with the blog!

Another Sesame Street and K'Nex Building sets by Three Ladies and a dad.

Baby Pjs! by the Giveaway. I love the Bananas one (I know my kiddo will love that too!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grocery/Drugstores Sep 28

Grocery this week: $57.90 (but $17.38 are for others, gifts or cooking for others) and also we have a guest coming tomorrow! (I'm really excited about that! (So actual grocery - $40.52, including fruits!) (I think I'm missing out a couple things, may have to top a $5 this week)

Drugstores. It's DIAPERS/Gillette Fusion STOCK-UP TIME! =)

Huggies/Wipes/Kotex pads RR deal (did 3 runs of these):
Buy $14 get $3 RR
So we got

(1st transaction)
Dipes (9.99) + Wipes (5.99) - $0.50 Wipes MQ, $3 RR
Gillette Fusion $8.99 - $4 MQ, $4 RR
Used $10 RR from before

(2nd transaction)
Dipes (9.99) + Wipes (5.99) - $0.50 Wipes MQ, $3 RR

(3rd transaction)
Dipes (9.99) + Kotex Lightdays (5) - $1 Kotex MQ + Newspapers (more great coupons!), $3 RR

I'm filing in caregivers marketplace rebate for $3 back

This is the store that really got me today. After we scan $4/20 coupon, we can't use our $10 ECB from last week. How come? The balance is a lot more than $10. It's just frustrating how these computers are so inconsistent. Are there rules about this? I don't want to waste my time next time! We had to spend a LONG time in CVS thinking through what to buy then, and thus I missed out some coupons and some deals. GRRR...

Still, we got
Gillette Fusion $9.99 - $4 MQ, $5 ECB
2 Dawn - $0.99 each - $1 off 2
floss (I need that) - $1.49
2 packs of pampers - $9.99 - $1.50 MQ each (these contribute to the last of our gifts to grow points to 100, so we can redeem a free photobook for our Christmas present
and cover girl Clean foundation - $5.49 - $1, $5.49 ECB
Cover Girl blush - $4.19 - free (BOGO coupon)

Used a $2/10 coupon and $10 ECB from before (rolled 1 $5.49 ECB)

Rite Aid
Gillette Fusion (YES! It's Gillette Fusion day!) $9 - $4 MQ, $5 rebate (I pay $0.75 for tax)

Spent: $55.37 (I count RR and ECB used to pay as cash and I deduct the ECB and RR I get back).
That's $55.37 for all those above, 120 pieces of size 3 dipes, 60 pieces of size 5 dipes, THREE Gillette Fusion (with catridges), 2 packs of wipes, Kotex lightdays, dishwashing liquid and others.

In perspective...If I buy the dipes, wipes, lightdays, dishwashing liquid and floss at where I would normally do (BJs or other discounted place), I'll would have $2 left to spend on the 3 Gillette Fusion and Cover Girl Make up. That's pretty cool I think.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Walgreens Double-Dipping $5/20 Day

Well, I didn't get much deal from the double dip. Guess what? The stores at NYC here have very different pricing than the ones on the other blogs I see. How sad. And since we don't have the amazing RR deals either, OH WELL...

HOWEVER, because of our lovely $5/$20 coupon, I did two transactions (My favorite cashier is there! Better do it then!) and to me, it's a great steal.

Transaction 1:

L'oreal Skin Genesis Cleanser - $7.99, $1 MQ here (it'll say it's over, but if you click next, there'll be the coupon on the website) (rebatable)

Rimmel Foundation - $7.49 (rebatable)

Act Mouthwash - $2.99 (on sale), $1 MQ from SS

Tuscan Milk - $3.89 (sale), $0.50 MQ (online)

use $5/$20 coupon and pay $15.99 by gift card.

Transaction 2:

L'oreal Skin Genesis Cleanser - $7.99, $1 MQ here (it'll say it's over, but if you click next, there'll be the coupon on the website) (rebatable)

Rimmel Foundation - $7.49 (rebatable)

I have my IL's card to use

Act Mouthwash - $2.99 (on sale), $1 MQ from SS

Jello - $1.19 (this is a silly filler)

Glade Fabric and Air Odor Eliminator - $4.29 (yes that's our price!!), $1.50 MQ here, $1 IVC Sep booklet (rebatable) - the only double-dip deal

Use $5/$20 coupon, $2 RR, pay from gift card $13.94.
TOTAL spending (including RR used): $31.93
TOTAL rebatable amount: $35.16

Imagine. I'll need to buy the milk or Act anyway. If without coupons, I'd have spent $11 on them.

Now...I got ALL of the above items for free, and I earned $3.23.

I know there are like people online who made profit over tens of dollars. Well, I know I can't, cos we don't have such good deals, I've used up some rebatable items (like PERT!) already, I can't do many transactions and I end up with things I really need (like Act and Milk) So, I'm happy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funny Diaper Story to win diapers!

Got this from ShaketheSalt.

Alrightee, here goes my story. Having 2 kids in the house in diapers can be confusing. I finished changing the older one (who's wearing 5) and I felt that the dipe is a bit tight. Oh my, you've grown, I thought. No. I put on the little one's dipe on him (size 3).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Walgreens 特價!! 只限9/26-9/27

9/26-9/27 在 Walgreens, 你可以買一瓶洗髮精, 還可以有回扣! (若你還沒有使用這個回扣)
Pert 洗髮精 13.2 oz

售價: $3.99 (加稅: $4.32)
廠家折價卷: $1.50-$2, 或去這裡得$1折價
十月Easy Saver Coupon (直接扣出): $2.50
九月Easy Saver Rebate (要寄進去): $3.99 (+ 10%, 若你用giftcard)
盈餘: $4 (或$3.50) !!

L'oreal Skin Genesis Cleanser Gel 8 oz
售價: $7.99 (加稅: $8.66)
廠家折價卷: 這裡得$1折價 (一次印2張) Click "Next"
十月Easy Saver Rebate (要寄進去): $7.99 (+ 10%, 若你用giftcard)

盈餘: $1.13

Giveaways Week 9/22

Giveaways this week!

Common Sense with money has a giveaway everyday! Go for the first one: Couponizer!
Thrifty Mama giving away 2-yr subscription to All You (A mag with lots of coupons). Go enter!

2nd giveaway by Common Sense with money: Weightwatchers golden sponge cake

$50 gift Tiny Prints voucher giveaway by Stacey Moore.

Snug-tug Swaddle Blanket giveaway!!

CVS Coupon book giveaway (this is great cos everyone seems to be looking for it!)

LOTS of Tiny prints $50 Gift cards giveaway at Moneysavingmom and other links

3rd giveaway by Common Sense with money: Kiss my Kids face products (lots of them!!)

Mrs Dirnberger has a $20 Target giftcard giveaway.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Groceries/Drugstores Sep 21

No pic for groceries, we were in a rush to go out to the City! yeh!

But we spent $56.37, of which we got flour (yes again, that's on a real good sale), a BIG pot roast and chicken quarters. Also, part of which we're cooking for a family whose baby just arrived. =)

At the drugstores...this is the beautiful part. Those are what we got this week (yeh, soda for my hubby! And photos from Wag that's not here)

We paid $33.8 after using $2 RR, $9.99 ECBs and $5/30 coupon and other coupons. Out of the $33.80, only $16.88 OOP cash.
AND, we got $3 ECBs back, $10 RR and $14.59 will be rebated. And $2.40 for bottle deposits. (Gotta remember to get them back)

So, after using ECBs, RR and all the "returns" and bottle deposits, we actually spent $3.81 on this loot. (I gotta find a good way to reflect the value of our spending...should I count in ECB? or RR or the ones I used?)

The good deals:

Robitussin (Yes, it's finally coming to us, not as sweet a deal, but still a money-maker!):
Buy 3 at $15
Use $3 off each Manufacturer's coupons (no longer available, I'm glad I printed them when I thought we also had the deal last time)
Get $10 RR back
Earn $4!

Buy 1 at $4.32 (after tax)
Use $1.50 Manufacturer's coupon
Get $4.39 back as rebate
Earn $1.57

Glade Scented Oil Plugins Refill

Buy 2 at $9.73

Use BOGO free Q, less $4.49

Use Walgreens Easy Saver IVC $2 ($1 off each)

File for rebate $2 ($1 off each)

Spend - $1.04 for 4 refills. What a steal!

Just for Men Hair Color

Buy 1 at $8.66
Use $2 coupon (off site)
Get $2 ECB
Get $8 back as mail-in-rebate
Earn $3.34

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Giftcard Winner!

I won a giftcard from the giveaways! =)

Moneysavingmom has a giveaway linky every week and I'll look through them and join quite a few. Usually it's a "quiet week". This week I got a Baby'R Us $15 giftcard from Today's Housewife.

Quite an interesting blog site by 4 women. Go check them out. Esp those who just got their babies (hint hint). They have good stuff on the baby must haves...care of babies...cloth-diapering (sigh...my dream that didn't come through)...etc etc.

Thank you, Today's Housewife!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giveaways Week Sep 17

I'm going to put all the giveaways I signed up for every week.

Here're a couple:
$10 CVS card from
Frugal RI Mama
$5 Target Gift Card from
Moms by Heart
A BIG cleaning supplies + coupon giveaway from
Super Coupon Girl
$15 Babies R Us Card from Today's Housewife

Free Colgate Toothbrush for kids

This is so cool. You log in your child's healthy habits before bed (wash hands, brush teeth, read books) daily and you get a free brush after 45 stars , that 2 weeks. Sign up here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


一家一個, 可以得到免費試用的食物或用品! 這些我都有申請, Walmart的samples最棒, 又快, 而且很多時候會有coupons (謝謝 K教我...coupons叫折價券)


Gooseberry Patch 食譜

Saturday, September 13, 2008

FHD Menu 9/6 - 9/12

This was a great week, since I got back to cooking "better" (last week I had some slack due to anniversary)
No more time to calculate costs per meal, but with our grocery lately, you can tell they are not expensive! =)
Breakfast: French Toast Bake.
(Bread, Cream cheese, Syrup, eggs, milk, raisins)

This is a GREAT dish when you have left over cream cheese (which we had from Panera bread).
Sweet Sour Fish (another yum!)
Steamed eggs
This dessert, with cheap apples, only cost me $1.84 to make (right, with gas, $2)
Home-made rolls
Anniversary dinner treat by parents

Stir-fry diced tofu with minced pork, carrots and beans
Pasta Salad
(our dear old $0.20 Suddenly pasta Salad can be real pretty)

Chicken Thighs, peas, mushroom and majoram
Stir fry Cabbage and carrots


Baked Pasta with Cream of Chicken soup
(this made with our $0.50 Ronzoni Smart Pasta)
Fried Rice

Grocery Sep 13

No picture today, in a hurry to put awaythe things. But this week we had a more expensive grocery expense...$56.32. That's a big jump...but let me tell you what we got in this!

-a whole roasting chicken, that's on sale for $0.99 per lb, so the entire chkn for $6+ (we can have it for two meals or more)
-A sack of 20lb rice (that's $15...rice prices haven't come down. :( )
-A sack of 10 lb flour (this will make NUMEROUS breads, pizza crust, cakes, etc etc)
-Drumsticks ( a whole bunch of them)
-Boneless Chicken Breasts
-6 more pasta roni/rice-roni (we have to print from different computers to gather these coupons, but it's worth it, they are all free!)
-Fruits (now, usually fruits are out of our budget, cos we gave FIL a budget and he helps us with it since he's good, but this week they'll be on vacation)

So, I say, we had a good week still! =)

And we gained a lot from the drugstores and Target (We got MORE Kashi...now we have 20 packs of cereal and bars and we earned $8. Should have been $10, but one transaction went wrong).

I also got the Southbeach Living Bars deal (again, we printed from different computers to get 6 coupons) and earned $2.

And the Pert + free chocolate deal earned me $1.56 (should have been more, there were some problems with the price...sigh our Wag always has this problem). Total earnings: $11.56. Just on a week. And TONS of bars/cereals/etc for free. Sweet.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Walk for Autism

Tanya has a giveaway for 2 $10 Walgreens cards.

More importantly, you can take a look at her cause. She has a child diagnosed with autism and she's doing a walk to raise funds. Isn't that an amazing mom?

Walgreens 免費巧克力及Mouth Rinse

Herberts Fully Loaded Chocolate bars
售價: 2 for $3
Easy Saver coupon: $3 off 2
紐約市消費稅: $0.25
消費: $0.25

但有些Walgreens價錢沒有輸入正確, 你買兩個, 不是$3的話, 就要花一點唇舌讓Manager知道他們的誤差. 若shelf上的價錢標的是 2 for $3, 你就可以和他們商討.

Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse 500mil
售價: $4.49
Register Reward: $4.49
紐約市消費稅: $0.38
消費: $0.38

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Winner of Giveaway

Thank you, Savingsomegreen!! I won a free giveaway, a $25 Target gift card. Isn't that cool??
Like me, the author of the blog, Michelle, has two adorable kids (a boy and a girl too!). Go check out her blog and watch out if she hosts another giveaway! =)
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免費家庭用品: 牙膏,牙刷,洗髮精

I've been wanting to write a couples posts in Mandarin so that some of my fellow-Chinese speaking friends can get in the loop of these wonderful deals.

Here's to only the "free" or almost "free" deals.

你可知道你可以在Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, Target 等"買"到免費的東西?完全合法的哦! 我嘗試寫下不需要特別coupon的東西.



Pert Plus 洗髮精 售價: $3.99
廠家(Manufacturer's) Coupon (若有): $1.50 或 $2.00
Easy Saver 回扣: $3.99 + $0.40 (若用giftcard方式)
紐約市消費稅: $0.33
淨賺: $0.07 - $2.07

Colgate MaxFresh 牙膏 售價: $2.99
廠家(Manufacturer's) Coupon: $1.00 從
這裡 sign in 只限一張
Walgreens Coupon: $2.00 (看週刊)
紐約市消費稅: $0.25
消費: $0.24

Colgate MaxFresh
牙刷 售價: $2.99
廠家(Manufacturer's) Coupon (若有): $1.00
Easysaver coupon: $2.00
紐約市消費稅: $0.25
消費: $0.24-$1.24

Loreal Revitalift 洗臉霜 售價: $5.99
Rite-Aid 回扣: $5.99
紐約市消費稅: $0.50
消費: $0.50


我們可以在生活的用品上更節省哦! 很多物品可以用低價或無價得來.

1. Manufacturer's coupons (廠家coupons)
你可以在星期天報紙獲得,或是在紐約式禮拜三你會看見一包circulars在你家門口,裡面會有一些coupons. 你可以用不同的方式來處理coupons.

2. Internet Manufacturer's coupons (網路廠家coupons)
在不同的網頁可尋得. 通常一次能印出兩張左右. 每張coupon有自己編號,千萬不要複印.
有些商店不收此類coupons. 最好用全張以示真實. 小心不要用來路不明的coupon.


1. EasySaver Rebate
你先掏腰包,然後再向Walgreens填表得回扣. 每個月會有一些回扣以後免費的物品(Free After Rebate)
最好用網路填表, 省下郵費
最好使用giftcard的選擇, 可得多 10%(正好抵銷消費稅)


2. Easy Saver Coupons
每個月也有一本coupons你可以在Walgreens 使用
3. Register Reward
有時當你買某些物品, 你會得回一張下次購物使用的coupon, 算是Walgreens的現金. 有時限, 而且你不能用Register Reward 來獲得另一張. 也就是說, 若你要買的物品會得回RR, 你就不要用一張RR來買.
和Walgreens一樣的方式, 不過只有支票回扣. 好處是你得回現金, 壞處要付消費稅
每次在網上填表, 一個月後得回支票
每個禮拜都會有Free After Rebate的東西, 注意看哦!



要更多,更詳細的教導, 可參考我最喜歡的網站

最終要記得: 不要貪心, 多多分享, 正直誠實!
上帝會給你不同你所需要的福分, 讓我們在消費驚人的紐約市過的輕鬆一點!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free Coupons No contest

I'm giving out extra coupons again (There's the electrasol $2.25 ones!)

Same as before, you can take a look at the coupons on my web album, and ask for any coupon (or even ALL, I assure you I will not think you're greedy). There are multiples and you can get them all.

Just pay me postage and handling ($0.20 more) or give me self-addressed stamped envelope and they are yours.

Questions or reservations for the coupons, email me at anncsu.biz@gmail.com

I just don't want precious coupons to go to waste.

Go to Album now

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Giveaways Sep 9th

I love to wait for all the giveaways every week. Here's some that I've signed up. BTW, I was a winner last week! So cool...Will blog about it when my prize comes.

Couponizer (still hoping I get one of these) from Moms Need to Know

Monday, September 8, 2008

FHD Menu Aug 30-Sep 7

FHD Menu on hold this week, because it's our 5th Anniversary!! =) We tried to do simple meals (like store-bought pizza, GOTTA have Mystic, it's SO good!) so that we can spend more time together.

Grocery/Drugstore Deals Sep 6-7

This is a GREAT grocery week. Look we even have fish and kids' yogurt!

Thanks to more pasta roni for free, we only spent $29.48 this week for grocery at Stop And Shop and Chinese store (and a bag of coleslaw at CTown for $0.99, not in pic)

Then we had great deals (to me) at Walgreens and CVS. I'm just bummed that Wag ran out of their Free-After-Rebate items already. =(

Anyhows, at Walgreens we got stuff I need for $13.08 (on gift card, no cash), but $4.79 is rebatable:

-Folgers, 4.99

-Progresso soup, 3 for $4 and I have $1.10 q for 3, so only spent $0.96 per can!

-Nail polish (fully rebatable)

CVS Spent $0.60 on money card, $7 ECB and get back $7.99 ECBs:

-Chex mix, $1 each, and $1 coupon each, so free!

-Facewash, $5.99, get back $5.99 ECB

-Act Mouthwash, $4.49, $2 ECB, and I have $1 coupon, so it cost me $1.49! wow! I love this mouthwash, it's great and no alcohol.

No cash at Drugstores this week, all on cards! =)

TOTAL SPENDING (plus Kashi deals today): $26.38 (after ECBs and earning from Target, but counting in Cards as money)

Kashi Deal at Target!

We did a (actually 2) very exciting deals at Target.

Buy 4 of Kashi products (which there are some going at 4 for $11), get $5 Target gift card.

I used 4 $2/1 coupons (I forgot where's the link for it, I think from the Kashi website?), so I pay OOP $3 and get back $5 card.

I thought we can only do this once, in the end we can do numerous times. I did two.

I ended up...

Paying $3 out of pocket, get $7 card (cos I used the first card for the 2nd transaction), Overage of $4 and I got lots of great Kashi products! (They really do taste wonderful)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grocery/Deals Aug 31

No time to put this up, but we had some pretty good deals last week!

Grocery at Stop and Shop
We used $32.47 (and we are able to get back $7.58 in rebate and we got a coupon for $5 to spend next week) so in actual fact we spent...$19.89 for all the food you see!

The best deals:
1. Pasta Roni/Rice Roni was on sale for $1 each and I have $0.50 coupon which can double to $1, which means we get them all for free.
2. Spend $15 Kashi Products gave us $5 off. We used $9.25 worth of coupons, which means we only pay $0.75 for the 2 cereal, 2 oatmeal and 1 bar (that bar was so good!)

3. Kelloggs Cereal is fully rebatable, and we have $2 coupons, so it's an overage.

Deals at Wag
We used $10 off $40 coupon. Didn't get a REALLY good deal, because...
-the cashier refused to scan my $3 off coupon (it was a misprint that it expires 7/26 and everybody knows) but I can't argue with her. I'm trying to go through customer's service now.
-I forgot to givethe Wag coupon for toilet paper (not the pic) so I paid $1 more.

Still we pay $39.71 ($9 of that in gift card )and I will be rebated 43.90, so I earn $4.19. If I manage to get back my $3, it'll be an earning of $7.19. Let's see.

Deals at Rite-Aid
Got Ian's toothbrush (not in pic) and shampoo (and got the styling for free, because of coupon) and toothpaste with overage.

Total spending: $7.64
Total rebatable: $3.93
Total OOP: $1.91

Plus the other grocery I did this week (not in pic..more veg, meat, tofu, plastic wrap, recycle bags)...

We spent a total (after rebatable etc): $25.44 on household/grocery. This is a great week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Another week of giveaways.

Couponizer from Frugal Mommy of 2. I think this system is rather cool compared to my index card box.

$25 Target Gift Card from Saving Some Green That can be useful!