Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giveaways Week Dec 1st

I signed up for these giveaways this week. You can too.

Lots of Walmart giftcard giveaways by the elevenmoms

$50 Walmart giftcard by
Deal Seeking Mom
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$100 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by
frugalupstate. This gift card (as well as all the $500 ones you see here) is a combined gift by Nickedodeon and Walmart. What's the best holiday tip you have? I have one...Decorate less! Why put up so much decoration when it costs money, energy and time? Put simple decoration, enough to send off a whiff of holiday cheer.
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$100 Walmart giftcard by
classymommy (enter daily until Dec 15!!)
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by

Other Giveaways:
$5 CVS giftcard by
$15 Subway giftcard by
Censible Sawyer
Giftcard giveaways (some choices) by Frugal RI Mama
Giftcard giveaways (1 each of 12 days, enter daily!) by freebieblogger
Couponizer by onehouseschoolroom - Have been entering all the couponizer giveaways I can see...still no couponizer...=( hope to win this! =)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Grocery Nov 28

Finally got another grocery pic. It sometimes is quite fun to have pics like that. We spent $49.03 today. Not too bad, considering we had Baby Yogurt (which I'm trying to use to make more yogurt myself), 2 big packs of chicken thighs, a roast and chips.

The best buys:
Sizzle And Serve Breakfast sausage, $1, $0.35 MQ (doubled), Final Price: $0.30 each!
Wonder Bread Burger Buns, FREE (with coupon you can write to request from Wonderbread)
$0.50 Betty Crocker cookie mixes
Free Marcal Tissue
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Amazing Thanksgiving Deals!

Right after breakfast, we took off. There wasn't many people in CVS, BUT! There were people getting like...5 or 6 of each ECB items! wow. And NO MORE Crockpots for us at 8:15am.

Still we got amazing deals.
Transaction 1
Covergirl Pressed Powder, $5.99, ECB $5.99
Playtex sport/gentle glide tampon, $3.99, ECB $3.99, MQ $1
Lip gloss Loreal, $6.99, ECB $6.99 MQ $1
here (register, go to MyLoreal, fill out survey to get 2 $1 coupon on any Loreal product) Maybelline Foundation, $8.99, ECB $8.99 each, MQ $3 each (then I realized this ECB didn't print? had to return it and got back on cash card)

$4/20 coupon, use ECBs $15.99

Transaction 2
Colgate Total toothpaste, $2.99, ECB $2.99, MQ $1.50, CRT $1
Gatorade, $1.49, ECB $1.49 Hubby got 3
Hershey Chocolate, $1, get $1 ECB
Aussie shampoo, $2.99, ECB $2.99, MQ $1
Johnson's soft lotion $5.69, ECB $5.69, MQ $1
Garnier towelettes $5.99, ECB $5.99, MQ $1
(No more bic razors for us)

$5/25 coupon, use my today's ECBs
Total OOP: $4.26 (but because I returned the foundation, I have $9.74 back)

Total earnings: $19.12. Now, I got more gatorade than I've planned, but how come I got more earnings than I planned I can't tell. I won't fight with that.

Maybelline Colossal Mascara, $4.99, MQ $1, Rebate $4.99
Maybelline Nail polis, $2.99, Rebate $2.99
Fructis Shampoo, $2.99, MQ $1, Rebate $2.99
Huggies Diapers, $14.99, Rebate $2, $1 from Caregivers Marketplace

$5/25 coupon

And I can get $5 off from Rite Aid too (I think). I don't know if they'll still give me after MQs...
If I do, I've spent...$0.91 on those...(which is mainly diapers).

What a great way to begin the day!!

In recap, I earned $18.21 to shop for all of the above. AMAZING.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Target and Walgreens Run

My plan for the run is here.

Did a very adventurous Target run yesterday. At first I thought I could not find ANYTHING I wanted, but it took me a little while (and a lot of God's grace) and got everything.

Got 6 packs of dipes (Huggies Supreme) at $37.44, that's $0.17 per dipe (I did a bad calculation before). Almost spent WAY more, cos I forgot the coupons!!! Went back to customer service, fortunately they were real nice. And I got some very good gifts.

At Wags, got the free Venus razor, used the RR to buy 5 packs of size 6 Walgreens dipes (YES!!! I wish my son will potty train) and the lady was so wonderful. I was able to use the pharmacy coupon and keep it! And I decided I'll share the rest of my Venus coupons with the lady (since I was supposed to share it, according to Vocalpoint). She's happy and me too. The dipes came up to $19.95, and that's...$0.18 per dipe. Imagine this is a size 6, which can easily cost me...$0.38!! This is a great deal.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Diapers and Razors

The Hershey kisses double dipping deal did not go for me. For some odd reason, the EasySaver coupon just won't ring. Now I know why. I got the Special Dark (purple) ones at first. If the coupon HAD gone through (which it still SHOULD though), I won't be able to get my rebate (cos it's not part of rebate) READ CAREFULLY, Ann!! Thank you God for saving me!

Anyhows, this week, I'm going for these:


Walgreens Diapers at $5.99 (I'm trying to see if the pharmacy coupon works again. last time I didn't use it)

Venus Razor, 9.49, RR $6, $4 MQ (From Vocalpoint), Final Price: $0.28 (tax) Vocalpoint wants me to share the coupons (I have 5) but I've asked people in church and no one wants it! ha! Seems like not many ladies use razors fortunate. =)


Cheap diapers!

I'm hoping to buy: 6 jumbo packs of Huggies Supreme (why? cos I have coupons only for supreme)

$9.99 x 6 - $10 Target gift card - $6 Caregivers Marketplace - $9.50 MQ (that I have) = $34.44

Now this translates to $0.16 per dipe Size 3 (Supreme!) That's cool.

Rite Aid:

Also has a good diaper deal, but I might skip that since I have Target and Wags

$14.99 - $2 Rebate check for Mega size Huggies diapers
But remember, from now till Dec ends, you get more rebate when you spend at Riteaid

Friday, November 21, 2008

CVS Black Friday Deals

Thanksgiving Day will be the biggest CVS run I've made since we started. They have Black Friday deals too, but starting on THURSDAY. This will be cool.

This is my plan. (can you believe it??!!) Mostly FREE after ECBs.

Transaction 1

Hershey Chocolate, $1, get $1 ECB
Playtex sport/gentle glide tampon, $3.99, ECB $3.99, MQ $1

Lip gloss Loreal, $6.99, Buy 2, ECB $6.99 MQ $1 here (register, go to MyLoreal, fill out survey to get 2 $1 coupon on any Loreal product)
Maybelline Foundation, $8.99, ECB $8.99 each, MQ $3 each
$4/20 coupon, use ECBs $19.48

Transaction 2

Colgate Total toothpaste, $2.99, ECB $2.99, MQ $1.50, CRT $1
Gatorade, $1.49, ECB $1.49 (I can get more if I want)
Bic Soleil razors/refills, $5.99, ECB $5.99, MQ $1
Aussie shampoo, $2.99, ECB $2.99, MQ $1
Johnson's soft lotion $5.69, ECB $5.69, MQ $1 here
Garnier towelettes $5.99, ECB $5.99, MQ $1
$5/25 coupon, use my today's ECBs $13.98

Total OOP: $2.59, Total earnings: $17.13. I'll be left with tons of ECBs for the next weeks to come!

For real??!! I can't tell, well, whatever I can get that day then, cos it may be easily out of stock!

Now if you want a Crock pot and are able to head to a CVS on Thurs, it's $19.99, with a $10 ECB, costing you $9.99 only. AMAZING deal. If I see it, I might even get it for a gift!!

I got my info from Keeping the Kingdom First. and ad scans here. (hopefully they'll be the same as NYC's scans!) Go check it out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ebates Big Fat Check!

Hubby recently worked very hard to save up for something he dreamed of having. And finally he got it! And because we bought through Ebates, we even have cash back for it! It's a good amount!

I haven't been able to cash out my ebates money before because you have to reach $5.01 (aside from bonus) to get the money. But hey! I'm getting the money now (plus bonus...$10 giftcard, $5 refer-a-friend, $5 promotional bonus) It's very cool!

Go here to sign up and whenever you want to buy something online, check through ebates first. Might as well get some money while you're shopping anyways.

Grocery/Drugstore plan Nov 21-23

This week is Walgreens end of Nov/start of Dec month with the possibility of double-dipping. But no. it's a SAD SAD month for Wags.

I can only think of ONE double-dipping scenario (available only 21/22 Nov), which I might take.

Hershey kisses

Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses 2/$5 (buy 4)

-2 $1/1 Dark Chocolate Kisses (Cos I only have 2, if you have 4, that's better!)

-$1/2 November Easy Saver Q pg. 5 (will take off $2 wyb 4)

-$5 December Rebate wyb $10 # 33

=$1.80 after tax for 4 packs. Still a good deal.

As for the monthly rebate...forget it.

And my dear circulars did not arrive yesterday!! What a pity!

So, I can only do Stop and Shop planning for now. To look at the web scans will only bring tears, cos our deals here are like a quarter of what we see online (for others)

But, some good deals at Stop and Shop (beginning 21st)!!

Green Giant Frozen vegetables (box) $1, $0.50 MQ here, Final Price: FREE! (if you get to double)

Sorrento Ricotta Cheese, $1.99 (very good deal!)

Land O Lakes Butter, $1.99, $0.55 MQ here, Final Price: $0.89 per butter (limit 3)...this is perfect for my baking!

Cookie mix is still at $2, $0.75 MQ here, Final Price: $0.50

Monday, November 17, 2008

Swag Bucks: earn while you search

Search & Win

Another new way to earn giftcards. Search the web and earn at the same time. I got the info from Moneysavingmom and seriously I follow her because I think she's cautious, prudent and wise. So I'm going to start now and if you'll like to earn some money searching the web, click here now to start!

Basically it downloads a small toolbar (I use the add to IE7 feature) and you search from there. You earn points and after a certain number you get giftcards (like Starbucks or Amazon).

Tell many friends or put it on your blog. That way you earn more.

You don't earn with EVERY search. I started with 3 bucks and I'm now on 6, that's about 10-15 searches. I think it's random. Still as I said, it's always nice to earn while doing what you usually do. The engine is google, so you don't get bad searches.

'>GO now!

Giveaways Week Nov 17th

Beginning my list of giveaways this week...

ERGO Carrier by Northwest Mom finds. Now this will be a REALLY great one to get.

All You magazine free 2 year subscription by Womanly Excellence

Campbell Holiday Gift Basket by Common Sense with Money

$10 CVS Giftcard by 4hatsandfrugal

I Spy Game by frugalmommiesof2girls (this looks really interesting)

Gerber grad coupons by mamamoneysavers. Good to get the finger food!

Nursing shawl by Heidi Etsy shop

$50 Target or BP card by voting for Grocery Price Blog

Frugal RI Mama with $10 CVS giftcard

$50 JCP Giftcard by sweetwatersavings

$5 Starbucks card by tosaveapenny

Pillsbury Home is Calling giveaway by HSDesigns

Another $5 starbucks giftcard by SavingsChatter

Professionally bound photo book by the This is SO beautiful!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Drugstore/Grocery Nov 15-16

Grocery is not seen but we spent $39 this week. Not too bad. A pity we didn't get the Chex deal...

Last week we were in PA, and it always funny to see the difference in attitude towards couponing. We shopped at Walmart and people there admired our savings because of coupons. "That's the way to go in these times!" the customer service guy said. I could have given him a big hug. That encouraged me in frugal living! But in NYC, people give you a bad face when you use coupons, or they scrutinize the coupons and say "you can't use this" even if it's perfectly legitimate.

Anyhows, at Wags today, we bought milk and goody brush. But guess what? The guy said we can't use coupon on dairy. Hmm, I've always used now I'll have to go check their policy. TP is out, of course and that's about the only thing I wanted to buy. So I spent $5.44 on the giftcard on brush and milk after goody coupon (online) and Nov easysaver IVC. And I didn't use do the $5/20 deal cos...long story short, no stock, change of rules. So, I spent $0.30 on my gift card on 2 Progresso soups. Not bad.

At CVS, however, I got everything I wanted. Very rare.

Loreal ProCalcium, $15.99, ECB $15.99, MQ $1
Nature Made Vitamins, Buy $5.99, get 1 free, 2 MQ $1 each, Final Price: $3.99 for 2 100 caps 500mg Vit C. Very good deal.
Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, $3.49, ECB $3.49, MQ $1
Ajax Dishwashing liquid, $1.79, get 1 free, MQ $0.40
Cranberry sauce, $1.69, get 1 free.

Use $5/25 coupon, I spent $0.81 on all that. Pretty cool.
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bakeware for $1

Just did this deal here. Could be good!

Free pan/bakeware (this cost like $13.95). And you can opt for $1 shipping, if you're willing to automatically register for 7-day trial with AtHomeRewards. I cancelled the registration before the 7 day limit and it was an automatic cancellation (no saleperson to cajole you) so I don't have to pay for the monthly fees.

I'm waiting for the pan to come, let's hope it does!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grocery/Drugstore Plan Nov 14-15, 17

Some deals I might be able to get this week, nothing like last...but still good

Stop and Shop (beginning Nov 14th)
Chex Mix, $1.67, $0.60 MQ here, Final Price: $0.47 each!
Birds' Eye frozen vegetables, 5 for $4, I'm getting 4 for $3.20, MQ $1/4, Final Price: $0.55 each
Progresso Broth, $2, $1 MQ here, Final Price: $1 each
Wheat Thins, $2.50, $0.75 MQ through Kraft email, Final Price: $1 each

Walgreens (Nov 14-15)
There's another $5 off $20 coupon out. You can get them here or wait for Walgreens' email.
I'll see if I can get the diapers (got a rain check the other time)
4 packs of diapers, $17.98, $8 Q (pharmacy)
2 Progresso soup, $1.25, $1.10 MQ, $0.15 each
Clabber Girl Baking powder, $0.50 (yeah, I'm out)

After $5 coupon, I'm paying $3.28 from my gift card for all those things!

Walgreens (Nov 17)
I probably will only get Toilet Paper (Walgreens...I LOVE THEM!!) $2.50 each

CVS(Nov 17)
I have a $5 off $25 to use.

Loreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium moisturizer, $15.99, ECB $15.99, $1 MQ
Cranberry sauce, $1.69 for 2
Right Guard/Soft & Dri or Dry Idea antiperspirant, $2.99, ECB $2
Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, $3.49, ECB $3.49, MQ $1

Total after coupons and ECB, I earn $2.98

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Giveaways Week Nov 12th

Here are the giveaways I signed up this week.

I won another giveaway last week!! By O
neHouseSchoolRoom, book by Dave Ramsey. Thank you!!

$15 Walmart giftcard by

$10-$15 starbucks card by

ImagiPlay Puzzle by frugalmommyof2girls

LeapFrog toy by 4hatsandfrugal

Another starbucks card by FrugalPenguin

LOVELY Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover by Briana

$50 walmart giftcard by beingfrugal.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Imagine CVS Scenario

I'm skipping CVS this week cos we're on vacation. But here's my scenario if I didn't. I could have earned by shopping!!

Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, $2.99, ECB $2, MQ $1(from papers), Final price: $0.24 (tax) Loreal Advanced RevitaLift Anti-wrinkle serum, $11.99, ECB $11.99, MQ $1(from papers), Final price: Free (covered tax)
St Ives Body wash, $3.99, ECB $3, Final Price: $0.99(b4 tax)
Listerine Agent Cool Blue Tinting rinse (for kids) $3.99, ECB $3, $1 MQ
here. Final Price: $0.32 (mostly tax)
Glaceau Smart Water 1liter, $1.59, ECB $1.59, Final Price: FREE
Palmolive Dish Soap, $1.49, ECB $1, Final Price: $0.61 after tax

I have a $5/$25 coupon.

So, after "buying" all of that, I would have earned $2.49 (considering the ECBs I'll have gotten).

Godiva Sampling events

If you have a Godiva near you, you should really take note of the Truffle Month events! I wish I can take so much chocolate...cos I can find a FREE limited edition European Dessert Truffle samples near me this weekend!!
However, hubby just went to the one near his office. He said it's one of those they give you 2 to try but at the same time will cajole you to buy, so it's kind of awkward, he said. But you DO get to taste the free chocolates...just be prepared to say "no" to buying.

Free 8X10 photo at Walgreens

Get your free photo.
Go online, register, upload a photo, choose 8X10,
put in code: FREEPIC
and collect it at your nearest Walgreens.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stop and Shop Chips!

Before Sale: $23.31
Total coupons: $9.60
OOP: $7.74 for the above.

I like baking and oatmeal cookies are a breeze to do, but who can argue with $0.50 mix?
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winner: Note Cards!

Guess what??!! I won the photo notecards from Donielle at Raising Peanuts! (one of the giveaways I posted today). How cool is that!!

Grocery/Drugstore Plan Nov 7-9

Before 7th Nov (Fri), you can grab lots of great stuff at Stop and Shop at really great prices!

Grab all Manufacturers' coupons here. Go back to print twice.

Betty Crocker Potatoes (box), $1.67 each, $0.40 MQ. Final Price: $0.87 each

Wise Potato chips (hubby jumped at this), $2 each, $0.50 MQ. Final Price: $1

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix (Pouch), $2 each, $0.75 MQ. Final Price: $0.50

Progresso Chicken Broth, $2, $0.50 MQ. Final Price: $1

Argo Corn Starch, $1.59, $0.55 MQ. Final Price: $0.49

For Week starting Nov 7th:

Stop and Shop has lots of dollar deals. With coupons it'll be great deals! Remember they double to $1!

Get coupons here

Progresso Vegetable Soup $1 each, $0.55 for 2 MQ. Final Price: $0.45 each

Betty Crocker 80 Calories Mashed Potatoes, $1, $0.40 MQ (if you didn't use for the week before). Final Price: $0.20 each

For week starting Nov 9th


Libby's Pumpkin, $0.99, there's a $0.50 off 2 coupon here. (Register and come back to this page)Final Price: $0.74 per can

Progresso Soup, $1.25 each. If you still have the $1.10 coupon, Final Price: $0.15 each!

Cabber Girl Baking Powder/corn starch, $0.50 each (Wag coupon)

Gatorade, $1 each (Wag Coupon)

Kelloggs cereal, 4 for $10, get $1 coupons for Kelloggs here (need to print 4, 2 of different types), Register Reward ($2), Final Price: $1 each!


Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, $2.99, ECB $2, MQ $1, Final price: $0.24 (tax)

Sun and Mon only: Loreal Advanced RevitaLift Anti-wrinkle serus, $11.99, ECB $11.99, MQ $1, Final price: Free (covered tax)

Sun and Mon only: St Ives Body wash, $3.99, ECB $3, Final Price: $0.99(b4 tax)

Huggies Diapers, 2 for $18.99, 2 $1.50 coupons (mailed), $2 Caregivers' Rebate, Final Price: $13.99 for 2. (That's $0.17 per dipe for size 3, $0.21 per dipe for size 4)
Listerine Agent Cool Blue Tinting rinse (for kids) $3.99, ECB $3, $1 MQ here. Final Price: $0.32 (mostly tax)

Glaceau Smart Water 1liter, $1.59, ECB $1.59, Final Price: FREE

Palmolive Dish Soap, $1.49, ECB $1, Final Price: $0.61 after tax

Rite Aid

Crest Pro-Health Whitening toothpaste, $2.69, rebate $2.69, Final Price: $0.23 (tax) If you have coupon $1, tax covered and earn $0.77.

Giveaways Week Nov 5th

Enter to win a giveaway!

$15 Starbucks giftcard by
frugal penguin

Pretty Notecards!

$50 Barnes and Nobles

Dave Ramsey's Financial book by One House School Room

Another $50 Barnes and Nobles Giftcard by My Good Cents

$10 Starbucks Giftcard by amber

2009 Entertainment Book by happyhousewifey

Baby Rice Cereal

$25 Amazon Gift card by Bargain Briana

Gnu Healthy Bars by Thriftymama