Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cheap Amazon Toys

We're shopping for our kids' birthday and Christmas gifts. and found a great deal. Hope to use it just looking through the BIG pool of toys at .AmazonToys

Basically, you buy $25 worth of toys, you can get a free subscription to Cookie magazine worth of $15. But you can also write in with a form, saying you'd rather have a refund of that $15. So you spend only $10. Great deal?

Go here to start shopping: AmazonToys

And the details for the refund is here.
*UPDATE* I don't see the ad for the Cookie Magazine anymore. So, I think as of today when I looked (Nov 3) the deal should have expired.
*More UPDATES* I wrote to Amazon and they said the deal is still on and the end date is not fixed. So, go grab them!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grocery/Drugstore Plan

I actually haven't planned much, but here are SOME deals I thought worth mentioning.

Stop and Shop
Progresso Soup, 1 for $1.67, $1.10 off here, you pay $0.67 for a can of Progresso. Not bad.
General Mills Cereal, 4 for $4 off. Not sure what's the usual price, but I MIGHT be able to get some good Cheerios.

Pampers Diapers or Easy Ups jumbo pack Pay 2/$20, ECB $5. That's $7.50 per pack!
And if you have coupons for pampers, this is a sweet deal. A pity our girl is allergic to pampers and also we have quite enough dipes stocked up.

Crest Whitening Pro-Health toothpaste, $3.49, ECB $3.49 Final Price: FREE

Buy $10 Hershey candy get $5 ECB. I'm looking at Ice-breakers Ice Cubes gum $1 each, cos I have a couple of $1 off 2 coupons And maybe some others...

Rite Aid
After two weeks of really amazing deals, now it's slowing down.

Soy Joy bars 10 for $5, you get $5 back, Final Price: FREE (I have $2 off 10 coupon. cool) Now, if your Rite Aid takes IP, here's a good coupon ($3 off 5, you can only have 1 coupon)

GUM Toothbrush, $1.99, rebate $1.99, Final Price: FREE

Nothing exciting.

Youdata: Small Income-earning opportunity

I've joined YouData and blogged about it before. My reviews until now are these:

1) It's very legitimate. I've been paid FOUR times since I joined on Oct 5th (not even a month). And within this 24 days, I earned $15. It's a small income-earning opportunity, but hey! it pays!

2) It's very easy to earn the money. Unlike some other survey/email-reading sites like sendearnings (which I still have and till now haven't got to $30 to be'll be a while), inbox dollars etc, this pays quite a bit, almost $0.20 per ad you watch. And you DO NOT have to spend a lot of time!! I only spent I would say a total of less than 10 mins on those $15 I earned. Can you believe it? It's just watching an ad, how long does it take?

3) They pay weekly, not till you reach a certain amount.

As I said, I'm quite full of praise for youdata. Only complaint I have is that they don't seem to have enough of the ads for me, at least. I wish they won't "close shop" soon.

So, I would encourage you, if you want to earn some money for snacks, for a little bit of extra cash, sign up on my side bar!!!! You'll need a paypal account, which is painless to create.

Earn YouData $$ at my site

If you do sign up at youdata and would like to start earning your money, can I ask you to come to my blog (on the side bar) to read the ads? You can always sign in at Youdata's site, but this can be a convenient stop for you. I don't have that much affliates on my blog (cos this blog is generally not a money-earning one), so it'll be nice to have a little bit of income. You still get your money (apparently you can choose how much to share with me and I'm happy if you get to keep all your money). I just get paid a little bit (by youdata) when you look at ads from my site. Thanks in advance!!

Happy earning!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Walgreens 10/24 deal

Here's how we did today.

Transaction 1
Loreal Age Perfect Moisturizer - $19.99, $2 off
Almay Mascara - $6.99
Nestle Crunch - $10 (for 4 packs), 4 $1 coupons
Burger Buns (for our Omaha burgers) - $2.89 (buns more expensive than burgers? hahaha)
Milk - $3.49, $0.50 coupon off

$5 coupon
$10 RR

Pay by gift card (after tax): $24.54

Transaction 2 (for my MIL...moisturizer at least, the mascara can be given to someone else cos she doesn't need it)
Loreal Age Perfect Moisturizer - $19.99, $1 off coupon
Almay Mascara - $6.99

$5 coupon
$4 RR

Pay by gift card: $18.82

I'll get back rebate: $63.76

So, if I cound RR as my cash, I've paid out $57.36..I get every thing for free (including my milk, chocolate and burger buns) and earn $6.40!!
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drugstore Plan Oct 24-26

Alrightee, this Sun we're going on vacation, thus I was about to skip this week's drugstore. Then again, I have 2 RR to use at Wag and tomorrow's first day of the Nov Rebate items AND, there is the $5/$20 coupon again. So I'll be going (at least to Walgreens, but maybe not Rite Aid..I'm learning to let go of deals!)

Here's what I'll get:


4 Nestle fun-size chocolate. Look at my post on this. $10 b4 tax, 4 $1 off coupon, $4 rebate

L'oreal Age Perfect Moisturizer $19.99 b4 tax(I have a Wag coupon for $2 off), Rebate: $19.99

Milk, $3.49 ($0.50 off MQ) (cannot believe this was out of stock yesterday)

Almay Mascara, $6.99 b4 tax, Rebate $6.99 (this will help me use the RR)

Final Price: Milk and Chocolates will be free, I have 2 gifts to give away and I earn $2.01

Rite Aid

I can't believe how many items are FAR again!!! Grab them!

If I get to a Rite Aid this week, I'll be getting:

Loreal Age Perfect Moisturizer, $15.99 b4 tax, $1 off MQ

Kotex Tampons/Pads, $3 b4 tax, $1 off MQ

Oral B Artica toothbrush, $2.49 b4 tax

Citre Shine Miracle, $5.99 b4 tax, $1 off MQ

Citre Shine mist, $3.99 b4 tax, $1 off MQ

DentaBurst Teeth Cleaner, $1.99 b4 tax

GE Power strip, $5 b4 tax

GE Extension Cords, $2 b4 tax

Use Rite Aid's $5/25 coupon (you get this when you register with myRiteAid)

Total: $34.84, Rebated amount: $40.84, I get all those things for free and earn $5.61!! If I get all these things, that is.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omaha Steak at a really good price!

I'm so sad for my friends...this deal has changed...9:35am WED MORNING!!! Gosh, I'm glad I did it yesterday...but now you'll have to spend $100 to use the $25 gift card. (at first $50) My goodness!!! I'm not sure if they can actually change LIKE that...but I'm glad my stuff has been shipped out.

This deal is really worth doing!!

Step 1: Go to Geicoprivileges. Cut and paste "" on your browser. Sign up. (Make sure you see the "Omaha Steak" promotion icon)

Step 2: Wait for email. They come HOURS after you sign up.

Step 3: Copy the code of the e-certificate sent to you. (it's worth $25) (Now, if you receive the email to say you have the $25 e-cert but when you click on it, no code comes up, try logging into geicoprivileges and THEN go back to email and click on the code. Odd I know, but it happened to us)

Step 4: Go to Omaha Steak Coupon here. You may choose any you like. I took the "60% off The Ultimate Assortment and The Sizzling Sampler + FREE Omaha Steaks Burgers + FREE 6-Piece Cutlery Set + FREE Cutting Board " one.

Step 5: Choose what you'll like to buy (but above $12 I think). You DO NOT have to buy the Sampler!! I chose 12 4 oz burgers (for $14.99)

Step 6: In your cart, you'll find you have 6 more burgers, cutlery set and cutting board for FREE! (Now, if you'd rather have 12 free burgers instead of the above, let me know, I can send you the invite to have that!)

Step 7: Use the e-cert code (that'll take off $25)

Step 8: Pay balance by credit card or paypal. (I paid $3.98 for 18 burgers, cutlery set and cutting board)

My stuff comes on Sat. I can't wait. My hubby neither. He ADORES burgers.
If you have problems, check out the comments on this blog or this blog.

Everyday a Holiday: International Day of Nachos

Try making your own nacho chips using Corn Tortilla, spray oil and oven. =) It's International Day of Nachos. Have some!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Walgreens Cheap Nestle Candy

I have been looking out on deals for candy. At first, even with Halloween it isn't that great.

Now this is very fine!! =)

Buy 4 packs of Nestle candy Fun size (Baby Ruth, Butterfingers, Crunch) at $10.
Use 4 $1/1 coupons here. (You'll have to use 2 computers to print 4)
Pay $6.84.

Send in for rebate of $4 for 4 packs.

Pay $2.84 for 4 packs, that's $0.71 per pack!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Frugal Healthy Delicious Meals 10/18-24

I haven't updated our meals for a LONG TIME. Not because we weren't eating any! =) Just a little more work and I decided to put the time elsewhere (afterall, who's reading this anyway, possibly just me humoring myself and having a little fun ;P)

Ok, so here's our meal plan for the week. No pics, no count.

Sat: Lunch we made sandwiches for our day out
Dinner - the best Cranberry Slow Cooked Pork Loin (Pork Loin, a can of cranberry sauce and a packet of dried onion soup mix...WONDER!)

Sun: Dad's treat

Other meals of the week:
Chicken with celery, Stir Fry Chinese Broccoli, Rice
Pasta with Kielbasa, mushroom, Broccoli
Noodle with fried sauce (Zha Jiang Mian)
Minced pork with tofu, fried cabbage or broccoli, Rice
Pizza night (we had the amazing Mystic in the freezer waiting for a movie night!)

All these on our $40 grocery (or less) We spent close to $70 this week for a 2 week meal plan cos next week we'll be spending a couple days on vacation.

Giveaways Week Oct 19th

Enter for these giveaways!

Free Land's End Half zip pullover or sherpa fleece at mythoughtsideasandramblings

Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker (sounds so fun!!) at commonsensewithmoney

avirtuouswoman has a $10 Walgreens giftcard giveaway!

Diaper deal at CVS/Rite Aid

Great diaper deals again!

Buy $25, get $10 ECBs.

In the end, here's my transaction:
2 packs of Huggies Jumbo dipes, $9.99 each, 2 $1.50 MQs
1 Johnson's Moisture Body Wash $2.99, $1 MQ online
1 Johnson's baby shampoo $2.99, no MQ

$5/25 coupon
$8 ECBs
$2 Caregivers' rebate

OOP: $8.96, $10 ECB back.
So, counting all ECBs and rebates, I spent $4.96 on the above. Pretty good deal!

Rite Aid:
3 packs of Huggies Jumbo Dipes, $33, rebate $10
Caregivers' Rebate: $3
Final price: $20 for 120 Size 3 dipes! (that's $0.16 each, nice)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Drugstore Plan Oct 19

This is my plan for the coming Sun. Only CVS worthy of shopping this week. Super duper cheap dipes, how about that.
At first I thought of doing a couple deals, then again, I might not need those stuff, so, I'm streamlining to 1.

Kimberly-Clark/Johnson/Gerber: Buy $25 get $10 ECB
2 Jumbo pack Huggies diapers - $19.98, 2 $1.50 off coupons
4 packs of Gerber food - $0.64 each, $1 off coupon
1 Johnson's shampoo/wash/powder - $2.99, $1 off coupon

Total after tax: $25.74
Other coupons/ECB:
$5/$25 coupon
$8 ECBs, OOP: 7.74, get back $10 ECBs, file for $2 Caregivers' rebate

So, I spent $13.74 (after ECB and rebate), get back $10 ECBs,

$3.74 for all those dipes, babyfood and shampoo? GOSH!!

Walgreens Deals

This week went to Walgreens a couple times, because I had to use up my Register Rewards, yet I can only use 1 per transaction. Mainly to use up the RR, but also some money-making deals.

Transaction 1:
2 Robitussin, $3.99 each, $2 off MQ each
1 Dimetapp, $.399, $2 off MQ
1 filler (Mars bar)

Used $5 RR, OOP (gift card): $1.93
Get back $10 RR

Transaction 2:
3 Kotex, $9, used 2 $1.50 Wag Kotex coupons (from the sample!) and 1 $1 Kotex coupon (this makes the pads and tampons to be $1.66 each!)
1 filler (Wag handsoap) $0.99

Used $5 RR, OOP (Giftcard): $1.83
Get back $3 RR

Transaction 3 (because I forgot this for my MIL):
1 Arms and Hammer Laundry Detergent, $2.99, file for $1 rebate, $1 MQ (final cost of this detergent: $1.24 plus tax!!)
OOP (Gift card): $2.24

TOTAL spent (counting RR and rebate): $2 [WOW!!]
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Every day a Holiday - National Dessert Day

this is a pic of the best dessert i've made: ian's 2nd birthday cake - berries sponge cake (made from scratch!)
other than it's national dessert day (this is probably going to be my favorite), it's also national lower case day (thus the bad spelling) and grover's birthday . gosh. besides grover's birthday, the other days do not have much founding. but who can argue with national dessert day? It should be that everyday!
i shall then make a lovely dessert...hmm...what shall it be...would you make a dessert? head over to allrecipes and with your present ingredients, see what you can come up with. or use a mix! make something sweet today!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rite Aid Free stuff for the cold season!

This is a crazy week for Rite Aid. These are what I got for free (and earn)

Arm and Hammer Essential Kit - $2.50, $1 MQ off
Simply Saline Baby - $3.99, $1 MQ off
Neilmed Neti Pot, $10.99, $2 MQ off
AYR Sinus Kit, $6.99
Hyland's Sniffles/Sneezes for kids, $3.99
Lypsyl Moisturizer, $1.99
(I hope to find the Chapstick True Shimmer, cos it's a double rebate! - one from Rite Aid, one from the papers)

The nice lady took my internet coupons again! ( I like this Rite Aid!)

I paid: $26.66
I'm getting rebate for all items, which means I'm getting back $30.45

I earned: $3.79 and I got all these for free.

btw, go to Moneysavingmom. She has links to the MQs.
Walgreens left me disappointed. Went to two Wags and they have not even ONE bottle of dimetapp. Oh well.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Glade catalina deal, gotta do it

even though we had a busy day, and I just wasn't sure if this deal is on at our Stop and Shop, but I had just ONE Buy one get one free coupon, so I HAD to do it!

It was!!

So, we bought 2 Glade Scented Oil Plugins, get one free, pay $5.13 plus tax and get $8 catalina back. Earn $3.87, free scents. nice.
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Prizes from Bright Baby Buys!

Our prizes came! Thanks, Candy!
The kids had so much fun looking through the cups/containers/cream (lots of stuff!!)...and their favorite..The
Sassy Bath toys.
If you live in the States, do go onto
her site and recommend a must-have baby product. You may win a prize too!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Every day a Holiday - World Egg Day

Today is World Egg Day!
Why do we celebrate eggs?
1) Eggs are one of the most versatile foods on the market. Think of all the possibilities - scrambled, poached, boiled, used in confections, fried...
2) Eggs have a high nutrient density (12% of Daily Value for protein + A, B6, B12, folate, iron, phosphorus, and zinc)
3) Egg protein quality is so high that scientists often use eggs as the standard by which the protein quality of other foods is measured.
4) There are no trans-fats in eggs. Eggs are "lean"!
5) Eggs have always been a bargain, nutritionally and economically.
6) Any time of the day is right for eggs (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper...)
7) Egg yolk is an excellent source of choline, a nutrient now considered essential for human health.
8) Lutein and zeaxanthin in eggs means lower risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of blindness affecting people over the age of 65.
9) Eggs can be elegant: A puffy omelet, souffles, crepes, cheesecakes...
10) Research indicates that increased protein and reduced carbohydrate intake stabilize blood sugar between meals, which can lead to reduced between-meal snacking. 11) Eggs are good for growing children to build muscle. And in my own experience, children LOVES eggs.
International Egg Commission (I'm not kidding)
So, this morning, my family will be having eggs to celebrate! You go cook up an egg today too!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Free/almost Chocolates and cleaner Walgreens

What a horrible pic. I missed out a can of soup and a can of olives. Anyhows, they are fillers.

So, I bought...

2 Windex Vinegar Cleaners, $2.50, -$2 MQ each, will send in for rebate $1 each, Final Price: Overage $0.58 (including tax)
2 Lindt Chocolate, $2.59 each, -$0.75 MQ, BOGO MQ, Oct IVC $1 each, Final Price: $0.27 including tax
2 chicken noodle, $0.69 (Wag coupon)
1 Lindsay Olives, $0.99 (Wag coupon)

Total: $2.06 (including $3RR I used and minus rebate I will get) mostly for tax
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Free Cleaning Products at Walgreens!

Any of these:
Windex 26 oz - $2.50 (2.71 after tax) ($2 off MQ)
Shout 22 oz - $2.50 (2.71 after tax)($1.50 off MQ)
Fantastik 26/32 oz - $2.50 (2.71 after tax)($1.50 off MQ)
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner - $2.50 (2.71 after tax) ($2 off MQ)
Get coupons here
File for Rebate: $1 each
Pay $0.21 to -$0.21! (you can buy up to 6 products and possibly more overage if you buy more Windex or scrubbing bubbles)
Valid till 10/11

Everyday a Holiday: 2-way Telephone Day

I learnt that everyday can be a holiday. Isn't that cool? There are some days that are absolutely marvelous. I shall resolve to feature some of these days on my blog and actually celebrate them!

Celebrations should come whether we're saving money or not. Such frugal celebrations are the greatest!

The first two-way long-distance conversation took place on October 9th between Boston and Cambridge. Read more here.

To celebrate, I shall make a phone call today. Is there anyone you'd like to call (not email/sms/chat) today?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drugstore Plan Oct 12

I'm going to put up my plan for this coming Sun to Sat deal.

Rite Aid

You cannot believe how many things are going to be free-after-rebate. All the cold/sinus products! Yeh! Cos in our household, sniffling is a season-long battle. These are what we are hoping to get!

AYR Saline Rinse Kit (for irrigation) - $6.99
Simply Saline Baby (mist) - $3.99 (and if we get that nice lady who accepts our IP, I have a Simply Saline coupon from moneysavingmom's coupon site!)
Hylands Sniffles 'n sneezes (homeopathic)- $3.99
Metholatum chest rub - $2.99 (I wonder if this works the same as Vicks)
Lypsyl lip moisturizer - $1.99
Bee M.D natural cough drop - $2.49

We're also getting the elusive Arms and Hammer Essential kit (IF THEY ARE THERE!!!)

All these we'll pay less than $2 (for tax) if IP not accepted. If they do, we almost don't need to pay!!

This Sun, do go online to RiteAid and see what you can get for free!!


We have 2 $5 RR and $3 RR to use before next Fri.

This week, we are having that Robitussin and Dimetapp Money-Making deal!! I don't really want to buy the meds that we're not going to use, but we have to use up our $5RR and it's money-making!

Buy 3 Dimetapp. Print 3 $2 MQ here.(Doesn't seem to have a limit) Pay $5.97. Get $10RR. Earn $4.03!!

I'll also find other things I need to use up my RR.

We're skipping CVS this week, cos I'll be saving my ECBs and $5/$25 coupon for next week's diaper deal (Buy $25, get $10 ECB) It's going to be great with the coupons!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Giveaways Week Oct 7th

Giveaways I signed up this week.

$10 CVS Giftcard from Frugal RI Mama, who wouldn't want that!

Free $15 Starbucks giftcard from Financial Learn.

Free Starbucks giftcard $5 from My Good Cents.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Free Money from CVS

CVS gives out 2% cash back on all your purchases after every season. This is cool, for that's extra cash! (even if you've earned every single shopping trip)

For us, for some odd reason, our card came with prior spendings. Over $200 worth of them! So, we got a $4.50 ECBs, mostly NOT from our spending, knowing that we only started in August. That's extra cash to us!

CVS Money-making 10/5!!

Now today is a great deal. Finally I can use my $4/$20 as well as my ECBs. I checked with Customer's Service and was affirmed that I should be able to do so.

I was disappointed to have not found Arms and Hammer Essential Kit again. It was in the ad but not in the store. It's a money-maker!

Transaction 1:

Aquafresh Toothpaste $0.99, -MQ $0.75 Final price: $0.25

Colgate: $2.99, $2 ECB, Final Price: $0.99

Soleil Razor: $5.99, $4 ECB, - $2 MQ, Final Price: free

Vitamin water: $2.29, $2.29 ECB, Final Price: free

Always infinity: $4.98, $4.98 ECB, Final Price:free

Fillers (Chips) my hubby is happy: $1.98

Coupons: $4/$20, ECB: $5 from before, $4.50 (from nice gift from CVS)

OOP: $10.44 (including $5ECB)

Gain back: $14.27 ECBS

Transaction 2

Centrum Cardio + Centrum Silver: $18.98, $4 ECB, - $4 MQ, $10 Rebate, Final Price: $0.98

Soleil razor cartridges: $5.99, $4 ECB, (forgot to use the coupon!!): $1.99

Coupon: $5/$25, ECB $14.27 from last transaction (YEH!)

Gain back: $8 ECBs

OOP: $1.70

So, in total, I spent $12.14, and I gain back $8 ECBs, filing in for $10 rebate for Centrum.

I earn: $5.98!! (imagine, if I had used the Soleil coupon, I'd earned $7.98!!)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grocery Oct 4

We spent quite a bit over this week...I wonder why. I just could not get around knowing it...anyhows, part of the cost was for meals for others (not that much though)...and then we spent a big bomb (1/6 of the money) just towards italian sausage...well we need meat and the sausage deal wasn't there for some reason, so we got the best deal (I hope). We spent $60+ this week. *ouch*
But look at this. This is my proudest. ALL THESE shown cost us $6.40!! All those yogurt (we printed 4 coupons, 2 from each computer) only for $1.20!! I'm not a big fan of Whips, but who can argue against $0.10 yogurt? Ian likes yogurt, so it'll be a great snack.

Alrightee, hope I'll get a great CVS deal tomorrow! Soleil and Centrum!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Youdata: earn money watching ads

Now, I'm trying some sites on earning small money, like or Then I realized I can only keep to one, so I'm with sendearnings. I read emails, do cash offers once in a while if it cost me $0, and the money adds up very slowly. It's fine, cos it doesn't cost me much time. (I can only cash out at $30)

Then I tried youdata. Basically you watch ads, each ad is like $0.20! It really adds up! And they pay every Friday (through paypal)!!! I just got paid $3.36 for a few days of watching ads (it really cost me not much time at all!!)

Try it!!

Walgreens Huggies Deals 10/3

At first I thought I won't do the $5/$20 coupon this time. Then, I remembered, with this coupon and the RR deal on Huggies (that we did last Sun) this can be a very sweet deal! So we did it. We went 3 rounds (one by my hubby) so that we can get 5 diapers (to send in for rebate at Caregivers Marketplace).
So, here's our loot and damage.

Transaction 1:
Huggies Jumbo Size Diapers (30 for Size 5): $9.99
Huggies Jumbo Size Diapers (30 for Size 5): $9.99
Huggies Wipes: $5.99
Used $5/$20 coupon
Get back $5 RR
(Good way to use up the $4RR we got from the Gillette deal!)
Total spent: $16.05 (I count RR as money in and out)

Transaction 2:
Huggies Jumbo Size Diapers (30 for Size 5): $9.99
Huggies Jumbo Size Diapers (30 for Size 5): $9.99
Huggies Wipes: $5.99
Used $5/$20 coupon
Get back $5 RR
(Good way to use up the $4RR we got from the Gillette deal!)
Total spent: $16.05 (I count RR as money in and out)

Transaction 3:
Huggies Jumbo Size Diapers (30 for Size 5): $9.99
Huggies Wipes: $5.99
Energy Boost Drink: $3.99
Eggs: $1.50
Reward item (Keebler cookies) for my son, who has been patient with me in the runs : $0.99
Used $5/$20 coupon
Get back $3 RR, Energy drink will be rebated.
Total Spent: $10.24 (After rebate)

Grand Total: $42.34 (That's mostly out of giftcards)

Now, in perspective,
$42.34 minus
Wipes (696 wipes) - $13.92 (In the cheapest, at BJs)
Eggs - $1.50 (I count that reward item as my "expense")
Equals $26.92 for 150 Size 5 diaper will cost me $0.18 per dipe (I have to spend $0.25 at BJs for these). Now, if Size 3 are in stock it would have been a REAL deal ($0.13 per dipe)

AND...if the rebate from Caregivers' Marketplace comes through...I would have only spent $21.92, that's...$0.15 per dipe! Gosh! What a steal!!

Only thing I didn't like was I have all these Register Rewards to use up in a certain timeframe. And they are considered 1 coupon and I can only use 1 at a time.

So, if you're thinking of the diaper deal, DO IT!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grocery/Drugstore Plan

This will be my plan this week. I'm sure it'll change.

Some great deals from Stop and Shop.

Internet coupons here
Yoplait Whips! Yogurt $0.50 each. Use $0.60/3 coupon IP, doubled.
Final Price: $0.10 each!
BC Frosting $1.50 ach. Use $0.55/1 coupon IP, doubled.
Final Price: $0.40 each!
Chex Mix $2 each. Use $0.60/1 coupon IP , doubled.
Final Price: $0.80 each!
BC Cookie Mix $2.19 each. Use $0.75/1 IP, doubled.
Final Price: $0.70 each!
BC Potatoes $1.50 each. Use $0.40/1 IP, doubled.
Final Price: $0.70 each!
GG Steamers $1.50 each. Use $1/1 IP.
Final Price: $0.50 each!

And buying 5 of these products GM and SS will donate $1 towards Breast Cancer Cure!

Other deals I might be getting:
Johnsonville Sausage $2.99 each. $1 MQ. Final Price: $1.99.
Mystic Minis pizzas (If they have) $4.69. $1 MQ from website. Final Price: $3.69. (these are the best frozen pizzas we have eaten)



Soleil razor system/Cartridges $5.99, $4 ECB, $2/1 coupon here, Final Price: Free ($0.50 tax)!

Arms and Hammer Essentials Starter Kit, $2.50, $1 coupon and rebate (from my other post), Final Price: Overage of $1 (b4 tax)

Buy 1 Centrum Cardio, $10 (possibly), $3/1 MQ get back full rebate (rebate form from papers), buy another Centrum Silver (possibly $8.99) for my mom, $1/1 MQ, get back $4 ECB,
Final Price: $1 for both! (b4 tax)

Always Infinity, $4.98, ECB $4.98, Final Price: Free (0.42 for tax)!

Now, hopefully I can use my $5/25 coupon with ECB this time!


Crest Toothpast, $1.99, Oct IVC $1, $1 MQ, Final Cost: Free! ($0.16 for tax)

Crest Whitening Mouthwash, $3.99, $3.99 SCR, Final Price: Free ($0.33 for tax)!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We won to be Baby and Big Kid of the Month at BrightBabyBuys! =) Our kids are famous! (haha)

Win Baby Products!

What is your must-have for baby products? Mine is above: The Ergo Baby Carrier.
Head over to Brightbabybuys, where you can recommend baby products and win prizes! They give baby products relevant to your child/ren's age/s if you win. Every month, your baby can have a chance to be the Baby of the Month and at the end of the year you stand a chance to win $500 in baby products.

Free Toothbrush!

Remember I signed up for the Colgate Free Toothbrush program?

We signed up for our free toothbrush today! How cool is that!!

I LOVE this program. It helps me remember to get Ian to brush. And he is so motivated to brush because he can put the stars (I print out the log).
Now waiting for them to arrive.

Get them free!

Ziploc Freezer System Starter Kit (You get out the air from the bags to freeze the stuff!) And you'll get $14.10 in coupons for Glade Candles, Glade Scented Oil Candles, Oust Surface Disinfectant & Air Sanitizer, Ziploc Brand Vacuum Bags and Windex. Only for 1st 20,000 to sign up.

Dinner Made Easy Coupon $10 Booklet (Betty Crocker). I got these from Moneysavingmom's blog, so I'm redirecting you there!