Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giveaways week Feb 25th

These are the giveaways I signed up

Ergo Baby Carrier, front pouch and backpack from Twoofakind. I REALLY hope to win this. This is an amazing carrier and the best in my view.

See Kai Run Shoes. Really cute shoes by twoofakind

Lots of giveaway from Twoofakind. Here's another: baby/kids banz (sunglasses)

Fireproof DVD by Keepingthekingdomfirst. I hear so much about this!

Another SeeKaiRun shoes (the bigger ones) I LOVE these shoes!! by dealectible mommies

SeeKaiRun (and smaller) from dealectiblemommies (so that's the big boy and this for my small girl!)

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