Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Cheerios and yoplus

Here're our free multigrain cheerios and yoplus!! =) Though we did overspend this week...$74 for groceries and fruits...oops...but we got TONS of stuff...most likely we'll spill into next week.

Plus, I'm like a little girl...we got "featured" (actually more like mentioned) in my favorite frugal blog,
Money Saving Mom!! haha....
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SwapSavers said...

I could not find $0.75 off Cheerios in any of the places mentioned only $0.55 coupons. Am I missing something? Thanks!

Ann said...

I just checked...maybe the coupons were for Jul and we managed to print it on the very last day! (I didn't even notice that...) I'm sorry...=(