Thursday, December 10, 2009


Search & Win
Are you using Swagbucks? If you're not, you REALLY should.
Here's why:
*You get to redeem the points for free giftcards. (My favorite is the $5 card for 45 points) I have already redeemed many of them and imagine the money I saved while I buy stuff. Amazon has LOTS of things to sell!
* You don't have to spend a lot of time on it. I spend at most 3 mins a day
* There is no fee to sign up at all!
Here's how:
*sign up here
*Everyday go to the site (or you can download the toolbar) and search SOMETHING. Well, there must be something you were about to google. If not, trying searching your name, your town, your favorite star, product etc etc...
*Click on links, page forward, page back, new search etc...After a few tries, usually I get at least 1 buck. (You can get more!)
*Do this once or most twice a day, cos that's how much you'll get anyway. If you try too many tries and no buck comes in, try another time.
*Get your friends to sign up through you and you can earn through them too! (Thanks for signing through me, cos that way I earn too!)
Go now!

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