Friday, April 10, 2009

Grocery Apr 10th

Today we spent about $50 on the above (there's still some more...milk, other it might near to $60 this week). Attempting no CVSing, so that's it for Grocery and household. Within my budget.

BUT! Out of this, $9.88 is for fruits! We have a HUGE fruit budget cos our kids LOVE fruits and I think I should eat more fruits at my stage of pregnancy.

The best buy this week:
Kashi frozen entrees - free (YEH! more to add to my freezing food/1st trimester pile)
McCormick taco seasoning - FREE! (after $1 coupon from
Butter - $0.89 after coupons
Chicken (those 2?) - $5.41

Last week, because we're freezing foods, we spent $55.09 on household and grocery (NOT BAD!)

Also, I think next week (unless there are AWESOME deals, I'm trying to skip grocery, except for eggs, milk and fruits) I have quite a bit of food stocked up for 1st trimester blues.

Kraft First Taste's coupon for a free deli sandwich just came in today. How lovely!
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