Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grocery Apr 3

We didn't plan on grocery this week (cos believe or not, I think we can make by another week, with just purchase of fruits, milk and eggs)...but...Stop and Shop got to have their double dollar this I had to go!

All these (including a sack of 20lb rice that I left out and 5 more yogurt that we gave my FIL) for $29.53 (we still have milk, eggs for this, we'll spend $34 this week? (plus the CVS tripping...maybe $35+). This is great savings!

The free items:
Vitamin water
Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, $1.79, $1 coupon, doubled: overage
Marcal toilet paper

VERY cheap (after coupons)
Dole pineapples: $1 for 3
Ricotta cheese: $0.99
Sour cream, $0.30
Progresso Crushed tomatoes, $0.50 each
That bunch of collard: $0.39!
Yogurt: $0.30 each
And I got some reduced price products, like the bananas (I LOVE these, half price and just as good) and broccoli

So, the double dollar coupon policy is confirmed, buy $15 (before coupons) and use all 4.
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