Monday, November 23, 2009

Great diaper deals Rite Aid & CVS

Here's our loot yesterday.

2 packs Jumbo Huggies, $18.99, 2 $2 MQ
Wipes, $6.99, $0.75 MQ
Complete Contact solution, $8.99

$5/30 coupon
ECBs earned: $5 + $8.99
Rebate (Caregivers' Market Place): $1.50

Total: $10.35 (including tax)

Rite Aid
1 big pack Huggies, $19.99 (I had a $2 coupon which the cashier didn't scan!! She took it...$2 lost...)
1 pack Always Infinity pads, $5.29 (I had a free coupon for this from one of the samples I requested)

$5/25 coupon
Rebate: $5 (Gift of savings)

Total: $10.02

So...if I buy the wipes at $0.01 each (which is a GREAT deal already), the diapers (144 pieces of them) would have cost me $18.21.

That's $0.12 per dipe (Size 4). Pretty good deal!! (normal cost that would have been $0.25 to $0.30 or something?)

Rite Aid should have a even better deal, but the rest of the SCR (FAR) items were not usual...

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Shihchieh said...

I went to CVS also. What a great deal. Thank you for your information. I saved much more money this time! It is a good start for me.