Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grocery/Drugstore Plan Week Nov 19, 22

Here're the deals I may think about this week

2 packs Huggies Jumbo, $18.99 MQ $2 here (try and see if it works for you) or $3 Pure and Natural here
1 pack dipe $6.99, MQ $0.75 (mailer)
Complete Multi purpose solution, 8.99

Coupons: $5/30 here (after you completed the quiz)
ECB: 5 + 8.99
Caregivers' Marketplace rebate: $1.50
Total Coupons: $4.75 (or if you use Pure and Natural, $6.75)

FOR ME (I don't have coupons anymore for Huggies)'ll be $13.73 for everything.
That's around $4.30 per pack of dipe I guess (considering $5 for wipe). Not bad. If you have coupons, it'll be a MUCH better deal!

Rite Aid

Benevia Nutrition Drinks, $7.99, $5 MQ here (sign up for free) but it's for "BALANCED Drink" I have no idea if they are the same or not, SCR $7.99
Huggies Big Pack diapers, $19.99, $2 coupon (I printed somewhere for a box)
MQ $5/25 here
Super Day/Night Colon Cleanse, 17.99, SCR 17.99
Gift of savings (YES it's HERE AGAIN!! From Nov 22-Dec 24): $10

You need to top up some amount to $51 for the gift of savings to be $10 (I have free Luvs coupon to use) and I can use up my $20 GOS from last time, yeh!

Final price: -$0.50 for all of the above. That's REAL good. Now, let's HOPE we have stock!!

Stop and Shop
Buy $20 worth of Pepperidge Farm product or Campbell's and get $5 off next order
Find different coupons here to match what you'll like to buy

Other than that it's an ok week for SnS

Of course, look out for Black Friday Deals. I'm OK with them this year and I might skip them.

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