Thursday, December 11, 2008

Drugstore Plan Dec 14

CVS is going to have a MEGA sale/ECB next week, so stay tuned, I'm too excited...will put up the my plan soon and the ad scan link

This week, here's my plan (possibly)

2 Nature Made Vitamin C $5.99X2 (BOGO), $2 Caregivers Rebate (or Multi Vit if I want to use coupon)
EarRinse, $9.99, ECB $9.99
Complete Contact Solution , $8.99, $2 coupon here

$4/20 coupon, $3 on Nature Made vitamins (CVS CRT) if I'm buying Multi

Earn max of $3.42 for all of above

Ad Scans here

I haven't gotten Wag circular
However, with the $5 RR this week, this is what I possibly can get.

Loreal Age Perfect Pro Calcium Moisturizer (yes it's on rebate again!) $19.99, (Rebate $19.99) $1 MQ at Loreal website.

Kelloggs Cereal, $1.99 X2, 2 $1 MQ

Domino Sugar, $1.99

Eggs, $1.50

After $5 RR, I earn $0.53 for getting my eggs, sugar, cereal and a gift!

With the rain tonight, I'm not going out...I doubt the stock though...we'll see...

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