Friday, December 26, 2008

Grocery Dec 26

We spent over what we usually do today. But that's because first, I decided to relax this week (it's Christmas!) and also because I got quite a lot of stuff (we can overflow to next week!)

I was super excited to see the "reduced price produce" trolley at Stop and Shop! Yeh! We have mark-downs too!!! So I happily grabbed the 2 packs of bananas for about a buck each. and the apples(6 of them) for $1.50 (with that I cut down 2 for lunch and made the rest into 26 oz worth of babyfood). and the pack of red potatoes (they look old, but hey! I'm not eating them in salad, but cooked...who cares). I was very happy.

And look! Mystic pizzas for $2.17 each! woh! Nice...Nathan hotdogs for $2.64? Steal.

At the Chinese Supermarkets, I got MORE mark-down food! yeh! The big bag of tomatoes, cauliflower & lettuce, veg and carrots for a buck each bag. The tomatoes I cooked into diced tomatoes sauce (they are too ripe for sale at normal price) and they'll make great cheap spagetti. I splurge on sukiyaki beef (rib sirloin slices) and a couple of other stuff...

all the above for $64.17

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