Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grocery Dec 20th Saved $48.35!

Today is a crazy day. We had a packed schedule. We're on to vacation tomorrow. Little gal didn't sleep well yesterday night. Little guy has some sneezing going on. And it does not help with all the snow yesterday.

Still I had to ask hubby to do a grocery run. (this week we didn't need to do much, cos we're on vacation). You'll understand why.

ALL OF THE ABOVE for $6.79. I can't beat that.'s not snacks!! It's meal-making stuff!! Look at all the veggies we got!!! 8 packs of steamers, 4 packs of boxed veg. This will bring us through many great meals!!

Thanks to MSM, I also used the free Riceworks coupon for a free pack of brown rice chips.

Look at my plan and all pricing here.

First time hubby used up all the coupons I gave him.

p.s. the total in the receipt is $9.79 cos we spent $3 on cold cut for tomorrow dinner "out", hey, instead of an expensive sodium-packed rest-stop dinner? this is good price.

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