Thursday, August 21, 2008

Body Shop: Free Shave Cream!

I found a $10 off anything more than $10 coupon of Body Shop online (from couponcravings. Thought of trying it.

Only things (that I want to buy) that's $10 in that place is the shave cream, body butter (the mini version), some tea-tree blemish stick and some small stuff. Thought I could get my favorite Vit E Cream and top up some money, but it's a bit too much (it used to be $13!!). SO, I decided to get my hubby the shave cream.

Thought I'll have to pay tax. NO! I paid $0! And got 2 little samples (adorable containers huh?). My.

A pity, the link to the coupon is not working anymore. =(

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