Friday, August 22, 2008

Grocery Aug Week 4

This is a way cool grocery week.

We bought ALL these things...for $43.75 (actually we accidentally bought 1 more Suddenly Salad and 2 more Chex for no coupons!...So, we might return them tomorrow, for $5 back!...that's $38.75, record week) We got these at 3 different grocery: Stop & Shop, C-Town and a Chinese supermarket.

Oh oh, in case you can't see it, that's SEVEN packs of Ronzoni pasta there (enough to last many pasta meals) and we even bought two packs of meat (chicken and minced pork)

I cannot believe I used a total of $18.20 on coupons this week. Gosh. I've never used such an amount of coupon before. Thanks to double-couponing at Stop & Shop, I love them!

For eg, without coupon Suddenly Pasta Salad (Betty Crocker) is $1 at S&S this week. Pretty good deal, but with $0.40 coupon (that doubles to $0.80), each box is $0.20. $0.20!!!! That's amazing to me!!

Other things, after coupons, frosting is $0.40, Chex is $0.80, Pop corn is $1.40 per box (that's $0.46 per pack), and check this out...Ronzoni's new pasta (with extra calcium and fiber) is $1.50 without coupon (it's on sale!) I have $1, so it's $0.50 per pack! I collected a lot of coupons from the coupon/circular pack we get every Wed. We even asked an old uncle if he can spare those. Usually people throw them away. I collected 7 and happily used them.

My adrenalin is HIGH HIGH. But we were at the self check out, and it's kinda embarrassing to hear "Scan another coupon" like 17 times. But hey, we saved the money!

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