Monday, August 18, 2008

Free Coupons

I decided to do some cleaning of my small coupon collection. Since it'll be such a waste to throw away expired coupons (that can be well-used by someone else before they actually expire), I'll love to give them away.

No catch. Go to

Pick out any (or all) that you like, give me your email on the comments and I'll contact you for the method of retrieval, whether via a pre-stamped envelope or you pay normal first-class postage (via paypal) plus $0.20 for envelope and efforts.

First come first serve. If this works well, I might do this periodically.
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ADawn said...

If you've still got them, I would love to grab the cheese, cooler, and cereal coupons. I live in Alabama, and have an active paypal- I'm guessing that would be the quickest turn-around. Tks!

Ann said...

Yes, they're yours adawn. But I can't get to you unless you leave a contact. =)

seesawstar said...

Could I have the pet food, cleaning, and coffee coupons? My husband goes through coffee like nobody's business...!

Contact information is in profile, or in blog (link is in profile)

Thank you!!

Jem said...

Could I have the cleaning and coffee coupons? My mom just started couponing and it would be such a great help for her.

Thank you.


ADawn said...

adawn here...duh...sorry. email me at Hope it's not too late. thanks and sorry.