Thursday, August 14, 2008

CVS Aug 10-16

Here's our CVS trip this week. We learnt from some websites that people actually EARN money from shopping at drugstores. This is a completely out-of-the-world concept to us. Cos things at drugstores are SUPERDUPEREXPENSIVE. Yet, we learn. We already got some good stuff from Walgreens, and then Rite-Aid and now CVS, the king of drugstores. Why I say that? cos everyone doing drugstore shopping stands by CVS. People even do not need to spend a cent on household stuff, because they use great strategies at CVS!

Here's our first "official" trip. (we got a couple of toothpastes, toothbrushes before...big deal...look at this one)

That's how we did it.

Transaction 1 (hubby got them near his work, which has horrible sales since it's in the city):

2 Infant's Advil (no, we do not use this, but it's a money-saver for future use and we can donate/sell this) - $11.58

Coupons used:
$2 out of $10 CVS coupon
2 $1 Advil MC (Manufacturer's coupons)
$5 ECB from last week (ECB is like CVS cash voucher)

Paid out-of-pocket: $2.58, but gained back $11.58 ECB.

Transaction 2 (this is a little more complicated):
3 Johnson's head-to-toe wash
1 Johnson's buddies (which we're returning today, cos it's a wrong deal)
1 playskool wipes
1 alavert (medicine for allergy, which we don't use either)
1 Skin effects facial cleanser

Coupons used:
$2 out of $10 CVS coupon
3 $1 JJ Coupons
$2 CVS Skin effects coupon
$4 Alavert MC
$11.58 ECB from last transaction

Paid out of pocket: $5.75 (after our return of JJ buddies, maybe less), gained back $8 ECB.

We were trying to get towards buying $25 worth of baby products and get $5 ECB back, but that will not work after a lengthy discussion with hubby (and what I will write in detail later). And also this particular CVS is horrible at taking internet coupons (though legitimate), so we are stopping here for this week.

SOOO...if we get to return the buddies,

We paid out of pocket total: $3.99 and have $8 ECB back for next purchase. So we actually "earn" $4.01 this week at CVS with all the items above. Not too bad for a newbie.

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