Sunday, August 24, 2008

Drugstore Deals Aug 24

Our trips to the drugstores does not bring back a whole wagon full of stuff but very fruitful! Mostly because the stuff we get are stuff we need and at really good value!

Puffs Tissue - 3 for $0.89 each, $1 Q off
Dawn Dishliquid - 2 for $0.99 each, $1 Q off
Shredded Cheese - $1.50
Ivory Soaps - $2, $1 Q off
Zest Soaps - $2, $1 Q off
Newspapers (My newspapers still didn't come today. They are just ridiculous with my subscription)
Milk - $3.39, $0.50 Q off
Paper plates - $0.99
$1.50 RR off
We went to Wag again in afternoon, cos I forgot the milk and to use my Register Reward (Cash for Wag). Then I realized I have 2 coupons for the milk, which won't work, so I have to grab a "filler", I got the paper plates, cos I'll need them anyway and they're on sale (almost forgot to ask the cashier to scan the Wag coupon, good thing I checked)

Carefree Pantiliners & O.B tampons - $9, $5 ECB back, and I have $0.50 Q
Kotex Lightdays, $1.49, $1.49 ECB back, and I have $1 Q
Playtex Sport tampons, $4.99, $3 ECB back, and I have $1 Q
Then I have CVS $2 off $10 coupons and $8 ECB from last week.
OOP (Out of pocket): $3.44, ECB back: $9.49 (for next week)

Pert Shampoo - $2.99, $2 single check rebate, $2 Q off (money maker: $1.01!)
Conair clipper set - $19.99 (to save money cutting my son's hair)
Baking soda (not in the pics) - $1.29 for 2, I have $1 Q off, so $0.29 for 2 boxes! yeh!

And oh! We got the Johnson's Buddies Soap at Target $1.09, $1 coupon, so cost us $0.12 after tax.

Total spent: $37.08, $9.49 ECB, $2 rebate
OR $25.59 after ECB and rebate.

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alanajo said...

Great job!! I need to start going to Rite Aid more.