Sunday, November 16, 2008

Drugstore/Grocery Nov 15-16

Grocery is not seen but we spent $39 this week. Not too bad. A pity we didn't get the Chex deal...

Last week we were in PA, and it always funny to see the difference in attitude towards couponing. We shopped at Walmart and people there admired our savings because of coupons. "That's the way to go in these times!" the customer service guy said. I could have given him a big hug. That encouraged me in frugal living! But in NYC, people give you a bad face when you use coupons, or they scrutinize the coupons and say "you can't use this" even if it's perfectly legitimate.

Anyhows, at Wags today, we bought milk and goody brush. But guess what? The guy said we can't use coupon on dairy. Hmm, I've always used now I'll have to go check their policy. TP is out, of course and that's about the only thing I wanted to buy. So I spent $5.44 on the giftcard on brush and milk after goody coupon (online) and Nov easysaver IVC. And I didn't use do the $5/20 deal cos...long story short, no stock, change of rules. So, I spent $0.30 on my gift card on 2 Progresso soups. Not bad.

At CVS, however, I got everything I wanted. Very rare.

Loreal ProCalcium, $15.99, ECB $15.99, MQ $1
Nature Made Vitamins, Buy $5.99, get 1 free, 2 MQ $1 each, Final Price: $3.99 for 2 100 caps 500mg Vit C. Very good deal.
Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, $3.49, ECB $3.49, MQ $1
Ajax Dishwashing liquid, $1.79, get 1 free, MQ $0.40
Cranberry sauce, $1.69, get 1 free.

Use $5/25 coupon, I spent $0.81 on all that. Pretty cool.
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