Monday, November 24, 2008

Target and Walgreens Run

My plan for the run is here.

Did a very adventurous Target run yesterday. At first I thought I could not find ANYTHING I wanted, but it took me a little while (and a lot of God's grace) and got everything.

Got 6 packs of dipes (Huggies Supreme) at $37.44, that's $0.17 per dipe (I did a bad calculation before). Almost spent WAY more, cos I forgot the coupons!!! Went back to customer service, fortunately they were real nice. And I got some very good gifts.

At Wags, got the free Venus razor, used the RR to buy 5 packs of size 6 Walgreens dipes (YES!!! I wish my son will potty train) and the lady was so wonderful. I was able to use the pharmacy coupon and keep it! And I decided I'll share the rest of my Venus coupons with the lady (since I was supposed to share it, according to Vocalpoint). She's happy and me too. The dipes came up to $19.95, and that's...$0.18 per dipe. Imagine this is a size 6, which can easily cost me...$0.38!! This is a great deal.

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