Sunday, November 23, 2008

Diapers and Razors

The Hershey kisses double dipping deal did not go for me. For some odd reason, the EasySaver coupon just won't ring. Now I know why. I got the Special Dark (purple) ones at first. If the coupon HAD gone through (which it still SHOULD though), I won't be able to get my rebate (cos it's not part of rebate) READ CAREFULLY, Ann!! Thank you God for saving me!

Anyhows, this week, I'm going for these:


Walgreens Diapers at $5.99 (I'm trying to see if the pharmacy coupon works again. last time I didn't use it)

Venus Razor, 9.49, RR $6, $4 MQ (From Vocalpoint), Final Price: $0.28 (tax) Vocalpoint wants me to share the coupons (I have 5) but I've asked people in church and no one wants it! ha! Seems like not many ladies use razors fortunate. =)


Cheap diapers!

I'm hoping to buy: 6 jumbo packs of Huggies Supreme (why? cos I have coupons only for supreme)

$9.99 x 6 - $10 Target gift card - $6 Caregivers Marketplace - $9.50 MQ (that I have) = $34.44

Now this translates to $0.16 per dipe Size 3 (Supreme!) That's cool.

Rite Aid:

Also has a good diaper deal, but I might skip that since I have Target and Wags

$14.99 - $2 Rebate check for Mega size Huggies diapers
But remember, from now till Dec ends, you get more rebate when you spend at Riteaid

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