Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giveaways Week Dec 1st

I signed up for these giveaways this week. You can too.

Lots of Walmart giftcard giveaways by the elevenmoms

$50 Walmart giftcard by
Deal Seeking Mom
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$100 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by
frugalupstate. This gift card (as well as all the $500 ones you see here) is a combined gift by Nickedodeon and Walmart. What's the best holiday tip you have? I have one...Decorate less! Why put up so much decoration when it costs money, energy and time? Put simple decoration, enough to send off a whiff of holiday cheer.
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$100 Walmart giftcard by
classymommy (enter daily until Dec 15!!)
$500 Walmart giftcard by
$500 Walmart giftcard by

Other Giveaways:
$5 CVS giftcard by
$15 Subway giftcard by
Censible Sawyer
Giftcard giveaways (some choices) by Frugal RI Mama
Giftcard giveaways (1 each of 12 days, enter daily!) by freebieblogger
Couponizer by onehouseschoolroom - Have been entering all the couponizer giveaways I can see...still no couponizer...=( hope to win this! =)

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Jenn said...

Thanks for blogging our giveaway!! Come by and check out our other great prizes!!