Thursday, November 27, 2008

Amazing Thanksgiving Deals!

Right after breakfast, we took off. There wasn't many people in CVS, BUT! There were people getting like...5 or 6 of each ECB items! wow. And NO MORE Crockpots for us at 8:15am.

Still we got amazing deals.
Transaction 1
Covergirl Pressed Powder, $5.99, ECB $5.99
Playtex sport/gentle glide tampon, $3.99, ECB $3.99, MQ $1
Lip gloss Loreal, $6.99, ECB $6.99 MQ $1
here (register, go to MyLoreal, fill out survey to get 2 $1 coupon on any Loreal product) Maybelline Foundation, $8.99, ECB $8.99 each, MQ $3 each (then I realized this ECB didn't print? had to return it and got back on cash card)

$4/20 coupon, use ECBs $15.99

Transaction 2
Colgate Total toothpaste, $2.99, ECB $2.99, MQ $1.50, CRT $1
Gatorade, $1.49, ECB $1.49 Hubby got 3
Hershey Chocolate, $1, get $1 ECB
Aussie shampoo, $2.99, ECB $2.99, MQ $1
Johnson's soft lotion $5.69, ECB $5.69, MQ $1
Garnier towelettes $5.99, ECB $5.99, MQ $1
(No more bic razors for us)

$5/25 coupon, use my today's ECBs
Total OOP: $4.26 (but because I returned the foundation, I have $9.74 back)

Total earnings: $19.12. Now, I got more gatorade than I've planned, but how come I got more earnings than I planned I can't tell. I won't fight with that.

Maybelline Colossal Mascara, $4.99, MQ $1, Rebate $4.99
Maybelline Nail polis, $2.99, Rebate $2.99
Fructis Shampoo, $2.99, MQ $1, Rebate $2.99
Huggies Diapers, $14.99, Rebate $2, $1 from Caregivers Marketplace

$5/25 coupon

And I can get $5 off from Rite Aid too (I think). I don't know if they'll still give me after MQs...
If I do, I've spent...$0.91 on those...(which is mainly diapers).

What a great way to begin the day!!

In recap, I earned $18.21 to shop for all of the above. AMAZING.

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Jennifer at The Caregivers Marketplace said...

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