Monday, November 17, 2008

Swag Bucks: earn while you search

Search & Win

Another new way to earn giftcards. Search the web and earn at the same time. I got the info from Moneysavingmom and seriously I follow her because I think she's cautious, prudent and wise. So I'm going to start now and if you'll like to earn some money searching the web, click here now to start!

Basically it downloads a small toolbar (I use the add to IE7 feature) and you search from there. You earn points and after a certain number you get giftcards (like Starbucks or Amazon).

Tell many friends or put it on your blog. That way you earn more.

You don't earn with EVERY search. I started with 3 bucks and I'm now on 6, that's about 10-15 searches. I think it's random. Still as I said, it's always nice to earn while doing what you usually do. The engine is google, so you don't get bad searches.

'>GO now!

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