Monday, July 28, 2008

Aug Easy Saver from Wag

Wag for Walgreens...learning all these lingo.

This month, I can buy 3 shampoo (2 of them very high-class looking) and 2 space-saver bags (those vaccuum ones?) for FREE. Yes, free. I just pay tax.

What happens is every month Walgreens has a booklet that lets you know what are the items that you can buy and they'll rebate the full price. Sweet, isn't it? Of course, it's a rebate (means out of the pocket first).

The deal with Wag and CVS, is that I'm trying to get my household items (like the toothpaste, or shampoo) for free from them (or almost free) so that I don't have to spend money buying them. Today, hubby did our first CVS deal. For CVS, it's another ballgame.

Ultimately, I have to proceed to the "C" of R.I.C.E soon or else my house will be filled up with all these purchases we make!!

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