Monday, July 21, 2008

Diaper Deal at Walgreens

The diaper conquest that got us all started...

We buy 3 pack of Walgreens Diapers (very specific, mind you, we only realized after many tries...only the ones with "Walgreens" work), on sale at $5.99 each. ($17.97)
Use the Easy Saver Coupon ($2.50 off each pack) (less $7.50)
Use the Prescription Savings Coupon ($2 off each pack) (less $6)
Get $5 back as Register Reward (like giftcard to use for next purchase).

Less $7.50
Less $6
Less $5
We gain back $0.43!!!!!!

We did that yesterday for 2 rounds and they didn't work as sweet. So...including today's deal, we paid $9.51 for over 300 diapers. Even at BJs, we would have spent about $40 on the 300. We saved $30.
What I'm most grateful, besides all these deals and fun, is that my hubby is in this with me, hands and feet. He ran around getting all the diapers and found it to be exhilarating. In his words, he would have found all these a bore if he hasn't taken over the CFO role. Let your man lead, ladies!

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