Thursday, July 24, 2008

Take-it-Slow R.I.C.E Plan

Planning Stage: Learning about smart grocery/savings
Goal: Learn about how to do smart grocery and save more
1. Grocery Course
2. Learn from websites and jot down notes
3. Understand about Walgreening/CVSing
4. Do Meal costing/write out our main grocery items

Date: Until Aug

Stage One: Grocery planning/scouting & orientation of Walgreens and CVS
Goal: Plan meals well and getting to know the supermarkets & Walgreening, CVSing
1. Plan all meals and snacks(with meal costing in mind)
2. Get prices from grocery stores

3. Read from MSM (Money-Saving Mom) and get a couple deals from Walgreens/CVS to get orientated
Date: Beginning Aug 1

Stage Two: Coupon organization & more deals from Walgreens/CVS
Goal: Collection & organization of coupons, start buying from right places & start Walgreening/CVSing
1.Subscribe to newspaper
2.Start organization techniques for coupons
3.Plan and buy groceries with best prices
4.Read from MSM (Money-Saving Mom) (and possibly other websites) and get more deals from Walgreens/CVS
Date: Sep?

Stage Three: Attempting couponing & regularly Walgreening/CVSing
Goal: Using coupons smartly & regularly do W/C
1.Start to use coupons with grocery or W/C
2.Read from MSM (Money-Saving Mom) (and possibly other websites) and W/C once a week (or 2 weeks) at least
3.Come up with FHD (Frugal Healthy Delicious) Meal Menu Choices
Date: Sep/Oct?

Stage Four: Clutter Control
Goal: Begin to clean out clutter
Date: Oct?

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