Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RICE update: Achievement so far

So, how do we intend to practically follow our RICE plan?

Here's what we've done so far:
1. Cut electricity costs by unplugging switches (we have lots of gadgets) in the day when they are not in use.
2. Turn off my computer from 11am-8pm, 10pm-7am. So I use it for 6 hours a day.
3. Use cloths to clean up kids after meals instead of paper towels
4. Enrolled in moneysaving mom's Supermarket 101 course.
5. Started our Walgreening.
6. Applied for CVS card.
7. Try to rewear wearable clothes to cut down laundry
8. Eat out less (not that we've eaten out a lot, but we've been trying to cook instead of eat out for Sunday dinners)
9. Sit outside in balcony after meals (a real enjoyment)
10. Plan meals according to on sale items

And today I started writing out our R.I.C.E plan and clutter control plan. We're rolling up our sleeves!

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