Thursday, July 31, 2008

Compilation of Before Aug Deals

August 1 is TOMORROW!! Our Mission R.I.C.E experiment is officially beginning.

BUT! Before that, we've already aquired these deals.

This morning, I made an early morning run to Wag. (since the kids are up and we can't do much until breakfast, and since I have a $5 off $20 JUST FOR TODAY!!) We had to get milk. Here's the deal.

Coupons used:

-$0.50 milk
-$3/1 personal item
-$1.79/1 paper
-$14.99/1 OneTouch (which I don't need, but apparently there is a mail-in rebate in the box...that I haven't found and may have to make another trip back to Wag)...this item will be a give away since it's free for me.
-$5 off $20 used

SO! I spent $16.77, with the possibility of getting back $11 at least (OR $21!)

In total for August We would have spent $5.77 on the above items (The shampoos and bags are for FREE after rebate, great stocking up). (or maybe none at all, and some cash in our sweet is that??)
We have saved...
1. Shampoo
-8 bottles. Usually we would have spent $2 per bottle for shampoo..that's $16
2. Milk
-Usually we would have spent $4
3. Stationery
-Would have cost us $6.19
4. Personal Item
-Would have cost us $5 (at the cheapest rate)
So we should have spent $31.19 (even without the vacuum bags or One Touch...which we would not have gotten without the deals). Since we spent $5.77, we saved $25.42. (If the rebate came through, we'll have saved 35.42)

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