Monday, July 21, 2008

Beginning of the Journey

How did this all begin? 2 Colgate toothpastes.

I learnt from a website that I can get colgate toothpastes for almost free. I cannot believe it. After following instructions, legitimately, I did. So, I went on to the bigger deal. Diapers.
Supposedly, done right, I can get diapers for free too. We tried it. And it worked.
How's $-0.43 for more than 100 diaper sound to you? Not only did we get the diapers for free, we made 43cents out of it. We didn't believe it until we did it.
Hubby and I are on fire! We started to want to do this seriously.
Thank you, Crystal in moneysaving mom, an amazing Christian homemaker, for your wonderful site.
First step. Research. We're going to start learning from Crystal.
So, from Jul 21 to end of the month, we're going to do a supermarket savings course (online) and we're going to do a lot of planning.
This is way too exciting!! Let's see what happens after August!!

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