Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grocery/Deals Aug 31

No time to put this up, but we had some pretty good deals last week!

Grocery at Stop and Shop
We used $32.47 (and we are able to get back $7.58 in rebate and we got a coupon for $5 to spend next week) so in actual fact we spent...$19.89 for all the food you see!

The best deals:
1. Pasta Roni/Rice Roni was on sale for $1 each and I have $0.50 coupon which can double to $1, which means we get them all for free.
2. Spend $15 Kashi Products gave us $5 off. We used $9.25 worth of coupons, which means we only pay $0.75 for the 2 cereal, 2 oatmeal and 1 bar (that bar was so good!)

3. Kelloggs Cereal is fully rebatable, and we have $2 coupons, so it's an overage.

Deals at Wag
We used $10 off $40 coupon. Didn't get a REALLY good deal, because...
-the cashier refused to scan my $3 off coupon (it was a misprint that it expires 7/26 and everybody knows) but I can't argue with her. I'm trying to go through customer's service now.
-I forgot to givethe Wag coupon for toilet paper (not the pic) so I paid $1 more.

Still we pay $39.71 ($9 of that in gift card )and I will be rebated 43.90, so I earn $4.19. If I manage to get back my $3, it'll be an earning of $7.19. Let's see.

Deals at Rite-Aid
Got Ian's toothbrush (not in pic) and shampoo (and got the styling for free, because of coupon) and toothpaste with overage.

Total spending: $7.64
Total rebatable: $3.93
Total OOP: $1.91

Plus the other grocery I did this week (not in pic..more veg, meat, tofu, plastic wrap, recycle bags)...

We spent a total (after rebatable etc): $25.44 on household/grocery. This is a great week!

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