Monday, September 8, 2008

Grocery/Drugstore Deals Sep 6-7

This is a GREAT grocery week. Look we even have fish and kids' yogurt!

Thanks to more pasta roni for free, we only spent $29.48 this week for grocery at Stop And Shop and Chinese store (and a bag of coleslaw at CTown for $0.99, not in pic)

Then we had great deals (to me) at Walgreens and CVS. I'm just bummed that Wag ran out of their Free-After-Rebate items already. =(

Anyhows, at Walgreens we got stuff I need for $13.08 (on gift card, no cash), but $4.79 is rebatable:

-Folgers, 4.99

-Progresso soup, 3 for $4 and I have $1.10 q for 3, so only spent $0.96 per can!

-Nail polish (fully rebatable)

CVS Spent $0.60 on money card, $7 ECB and get back $7.99 ECBs:

-Chex mix, $1 each, and $1 coupon each, so free!

-Facewash, $5.99, get back $5.99 ECB

-Act Mouthwash, $4.49, $2 ECB, and I have $1 coupon, so it cost me $1.49! wow! I love this mouthwash, it's great and no alcohol.

No cash at Drugstores this week, all on cards! =)

TOTAL SPENDING (plus Kashi deals today): $26.38 (after ECBs and earning from Target, but counting in Cards as money)

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