Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lately I've been just frustrated with discrepancies.

First is that I realized I can't really utilize many of the deals posted online (which I really relied on before) cos we have VERY DIFFERENT DEALS!!! So sad. And it's sadder, cos our deals are WAY WORSE. For eg, the Wags weekly circular is like 20 pages in some other places (those posted online) and ours is like 8. The coupons I get in my newspapers are different too. boo-hoo, isn't it?

Then this is the big one. People have been saying to print out coupon policy so that we can deal with the situation in the store. Guess what? It does not work. I went to a Walmart in North Brunswick, NJ STORE 2003. (DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT). The place is dinky, poor stock and the prices TOTALLY different than the ones I see on other blogs. AND, worse. I CANNOT use internet coupons. The "customer service" just rolled her eyes and said "No, we do not accept any printed coupon. Ask security why" I tried to show her the policy I printed. NO USE. I was not happy cos that took my time! But what can I do? So I came home to wrote to Walmart. I think they can seriously get into trouble if they PRINT they accept the coupons and the store does not.

Anyhows, just ventilating. I still get good stuff, just not as great as some (which I'm very happy for you guys!!) BUT! I just have to remember, when I see the "bad" deals, to look at CVS in Manhattan. It's SO sad. 4 pages everytime. and hardly any good deal.

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Alaina said...

This makes me feel so bad for you! I'm sorry the ads are so different.