Friday, September 19, 2008

Giftcard Winner!

I won a giftcard from the giveaways! =)

Moneysavingmom has a giveaway linky every week and I'll look through them and join quite a few. Usually it's a "quiet week". This week I got a Baby'R Us $15 giftcard from Today's Housewife.

Quite an interesting blog site by 4 women. Go check them out. Esp those who just got their babies (hint hint). They have good stuff on the baby must of babies...cloth-diapering ( dream that didn't come through)...etc etc.

Thank you, Today's Housewife!!

1 comment:

Kama @ Today's Housewife said...

So glad you came, commented and won!! We really enjoy having the blog and hope that you will continue to read us in the future!