Sunday, September 21, 2008

Groceries/Drugstores Sep 21

No pic for groceries, we were in a rush to go out to the City! yeh!

But we spent $56.37, of which we got flour (yes again, that's on a real good sale), a BIG pot roast and chicken quarters. Also, part of which we're cooking for a family whose baby just arrived. =)

At the drugstores...this is the beautiful part. Those are what we got this week (yeh, soda for my hubby! And photos from Wag that's not here)

We paid $33.8 after using $2 RR, $9.99 ECBs and $5/30 coupon and other coupons. Out of the $33.80, only $16.88 OOP cash.
AND, we got $3 ECBs back, $10 RR and $14.59 will be rebated. And $2.40 for bottle deposits. (Gotta remember to get them back)

So, after using ECBs, RR and all the "returns" and bottle deposits, we actually spent $3.81 on this loot. (I gotta find a good way to reflect the value of our spending...should I count in ECB? or RR or the ones I used?)

The good deals:

Robitussin (Yes, it's finally coming to us, not as sweet a deal, but still a money-maker!):
Buy 3 at $15
Use $3 off each Manufacturer's coupons (no longer available, I'm glad I printed them when I thought we also had the deal last time)
Get $10 RR back
Earn $4!

Buy 1 at $4.32 (after tax)
Use $1.50 Manufacturer's coupon
Get $4.39 back as rebate
Earn $1.57

Glade Scented Oil Plugins Refill

Buy 2 at $9.73

Use BOGO free Q, less $4.49

Use Walgreens Easy Saver IVC $2 ($1 off each)

File for rebate $2 ($1 off each)

Spend - $1.04 for 4 refills. What a steal!

Just for Men Hair Color

Buy 1 at $8.66
Use $2 coupon (off site)
Get $2 ECB
Get $8 back as mail-in-rebate
Earn $3.34

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