Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Business Practice: Domino's

I'm making a stand. Those businesses that practices poor customer service shall get a thumbs-down PUBLICLY from me.

Today there was a code going around for a free medium pizza at Domino's. I thought it won't work, but it did for us. Order went through, hubby even phoned the store to make sure it went through. (I then read from many comments that this deal is not good, as in many people can't get it through)

Hubby went to store. They would not give him the pizza (which was baked and sitting there). They wanted him to get something else to get that "free" pizza. YEAH RIGHT. That's horrible.

I can understand if a computer glitch got your codes wrong, but hey man, honor it! Get some good practice, especially after customer made a phone call to CONFIRM about the order and price! The workers were lost and manager oblivious.

BAD. Domino's lost my business (and hopefully most of you reading too). I wrote to them. Now let's see if they'll even respond.

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