Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grocery/Drugstore Plan Mar 8

After studying Stop and Shop Double Dollar Coupon thingey, I realized it's not that easy!

First, the $15 is AFTER coupons (now that's always a hard one...not much meat on sale this that's off), then they only take coupons from magazines/newspapers (does that mean they won't take IPs?) AND they explicitly say they won't take those that says "DO NOT DOUBLE" (usually the cashier will take them and double). SOOO...

I'll only use 4 coupons. The 2 ziplogs and 2 Mystic pizza ones. Dawn still gives me free though, that's cool.

I'm skipping this week

Yeh! We have the $25 Kimberly-Clark, get $10 RR!

Possible Deals:
2 Natural Fit Diapers, $10 each 2 $3 Coupons (on my side bar), $1.50 Caregivers Rebate
1 Gentle Care wipes (if they have it), $6, $5 off (on my side bar)
Pay$15, get $10 RR and $1.50 rebate

2 Gentle Care dipes (step 1-2), $10 each, 2 $5 coupons, $1.50 caregivers rebate
1 Gentle Care wipes, $6, $5 coupon
Pay $11, Get $10 RR and $1.50 rebate (MM!)

Now, what can I use for the $10 RR? (rumor has it that Wags dipes on sale for 2/$9 next week again...I don't know if we have that deal here)

Axe shampoo, $5.99
Wag TP, 2/$5 (that's a good deal and good TP!)

Advanced Memory Formula, $19.99

Rite Aid
nothing much

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