Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stop and Shop Double $1 Coupon Days!!!

I hope you understand why I'm giddy with adrenalin rush to the sky. The Stop and Shop is doubling coupons up to $1 this coming week!!!! (3/6-3/12) Get the ad in store for details. I think you can use up to 4 at once.

Here are our best buys:

Mystic Pizzas, at 3 for $11. I have 2 coupons ($1 off 1, and $1 off 2), that will make final price: 3 for $7!!!!

Ziplog containers, $2.50. Mailer coupon $1, Final Price: $0.50

Yo-plus yogurt, 4-pack, $2, $1 MQ here. Final Price: free

Dawn, $1, $0.50 MQ (mailer), Final Price: free

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