Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grocery, CVS Earning Trip and our wipes stash

This is why I love CVS and I'm loving it more than Walgreens:

Even though counting the $5/25 purchases and all the ECBs are always nerve-wrecking, I have better customer service and LOTS of ease when it comes to coupons (they just scan them and not scrutinize them) and I always come out happier than when I go to Walgreens. I'm sad, cos Wags is closer and it started me on this frugal journey. Anyhows.

Here's today's trip. I went at first only to find the Irish Spring Free-after-ECB item. THEN I waited and waited for someone to come by. (I waited for QUITE A WHILE!) A VERY nice man (I have the intention to give a positive feed back on him) came by, went to search for the items I need (even though the mixer that I really want is out of stock). I got 3 packs of sensitive wipes because he took the trouble. He even said he'll bring them to the front for me!!! WOH!

I got...
Irish Spring Wash
Progresso Soup (2 cans)
2 Johnson's buddies' soap
3 pack of wipes
2 packs of Wrigleys (I have a CVS coupon BOGO and used 2 free coupons from this week's SS)
and I EARNED $0.61!!

Now, after all the tripping at Stop and Shop and today, we have a stash of 13 packs of wipes (that will last both of our kids for 6 months). And we spent: $10.72 on all of them!!! Wipes for 6 months? Gosh!!!

And for Grocery this week, we spent: $42.50 on the pic above (that includes 6 more yogurt not in the pic), $10.33 at Target, another $4.36 on eggs, tofu and salt and $4.38 today at CVS. But we have $4.99 ECB back.

So total we spent on grocery and household: $56.58 (My budget is $60, so that's great!)

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