Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poor Coupon Management at Walgreens

With the rave on the Huggies deal, I was quite apprehensive. I can tell you, I really dislike Register Reward. They either don't print, don't be used well or...whatever.

So, we managed to get 3 packs of size 6 dipes, for $21 OOP (then get $10 RR, and I'll file for rebate of $2.25 at Caregivers) so that's $2.91 per pack. A real deal yes. But not without stress. We wanted to get size 4, but there isn't any.

I wanted to use the $10 RR to buy Toilet paper and the Axe shampoo. No TP (Wags) either. ($10RR is REALLY hard to use, esp when the FAR items are always out of stock)

Then my friend went to the same Wags, didn't get her RR to print and the cashier starts to give her "reasons" (all speculated and not real). In the end it was the RR machine that was broken and the manager would not do anything about it. Then she went to the next Wags and they said they won't take IP.

Now. I've had enough of Wags' coupons "policies". When it beeps (though it's totally legitimate or even if they don't, the cashiers start to give me reasons like these:
-You need to spend $25 AFTER coupons to get the RR to print (the Huggies deal). YEAH RIGHT! I did that once and it printed and no where it was printed as so
-You have too many coupons, that's why it's beeping (YEAH RIGHT again, I know the policy better than Manufacturer's coupon per item, stackable with Walgreens' coupons)
-(this is my favorite) We do not accept any coupon on dairy products (when I tried to use a coupon for milk)
-No, you cannot use this coupon, because it's 1 cent more than price (even though my total is more than $0)
-No, this easy saver coupon is only for the "Bells" Hershey kisses (where is that written?!!, and sure enough, even when I took the "Bells" ones, it didn't work)

Now, I'm not saying my coupon is not ALLOWED to beep. There must be some reason for that and since it's not the cashier's fault that they can't do some readjustments. What I'm not happy is that why do they give their own silly speculations about such things? Just say it's beeping and I do not know why. Or "I'll try to understand why it's not going through" (even though it's perfectly legitimate)

I don't think I'll try to do another round of the Huggies deal even though it's such a good one (with the right conditions). I'll bring my business to Stop and Shop and get $0.99 wipes.

Walgreens is really getting on my nerves. Things should be improving and not getting worse. That's not the civilizations work.

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