Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fulfilling Trip CVS/Walgreens

*Sorry no pic, no time*

Walgreens today:

Colgate, 3.57(+tax), RR $3.50, Final Price: $0.07

Diapers (4 packs), each $4.50

Axe Shampoo, $5.99, Rebate $6.59, Final Price: - $0.60

All in gift card

CVS (Wonderful trip!)

Glucerna, $4.89 X2, $2.44 X2 (50% off 2nd), Total: $14.67 Coupons: $19.56 (don't ask me why, but the cashier rung the last as this, but I'm not complaining, in fact I'm complimenting! CVS is doing a great job making adjustments so all my coupons go through!!) Final Price: Free + Overage (now now, silly me, I should have used this on a different transaction so I can send in for Caregivers' rebate!! That's $4!!)

Ensure, $7.99, $3 MQ here (can't find it anymore?), full rebate here, Final Price: Free + Overage

Johnsons' baby wash + shampoo (4 of them, each $3), $3 off coupon

Pampers $10, $1.50 off coupon

Milk, $3.29

$5/30 coupon

Total OOP: $4.90, (ECBs used $10.98), ECB earned: $5, Rebate to be earned $7.99
Final total: $2.89 (should have been an earning trip...hmmm I wonder if I can get another receipt?)

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