Thursday, March 5, 2009

great buy and new service

Thanks to Thriftymama, I got this pair of great (very comfy) shoes for $4.99 shipped at Monterey Bay. (I got a pair of jeans @ $6.49 too but the size is warped & I need to exchange it).

Anyhows, do you hate it when you don't get your mail but the peach slip instead? ("Sorry we missed you") Postal Service must be better elsewhere but here in some parts of NYC, it's A REAL PAIN and I reaaly didn't want to dredge through the unmelted snow with 2 kids for this parcel...then I realize I can schedule redelivery online!!! I asked for redelivery for today yesterday night. yah right, I thought, they probably haven't gotten my parcel at the office!!

Here they are, 9am in the morning. And I'm super impressed. Kudos, usps, finally.
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