Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omaha Steak at a really good price!

I'm so sad for my friends...this deal has changed...9:35am WED MORNING!!! Gosh, I'm glad I did it yesterday...but now you'll have to spend $100 to use the $25 gift card. (at first $50) My goodness!!! I'm not sure if they can actually change LIKE that...but I'm glad my stuff has been shipped out.

This deal is really worth doing!!

Step 1: Go to Geicoprivileges. Cut and paste "geicoprivileges.com/steaks" on your browser. Sign up. (Make sure you see the "Omaha Steak" promotion icon)

Step 2: Wait for email. They come HOURS after you sign up.

Step 3: Copy the code of the e-certificate sent to you. (it's worth $25) (Now, if you receive the email to say you have the $25 e-cert but when you click on it, no code comes up, try logging into geicoprivileges and THEN go back to email and click on the code. Odd I know, but it happened to us)

Step 4: Go to Omaha Steak Coupon here. You may choose any you like. I took the "60% off The Ultimate Assortment and The Sizzling Sampler + FREE Omaha Steaks Burgers + FREE 6-Piece Cutlery Set + FREE Cutting Board " one.

Step 5: Choose what you'll like to buy (but above $12 I think). You DO NOT have to buy the Sampler!! I chose 12 4 oz burgers (for $14.99)

Step 6: In your cart, you'll find you have 6 more burgers, cutlery set and cutting board for FREE! (Now, if you'd rather have 12 free burgers instead of the above, let me know, I can send you the invite to have that!)

Step 7: Use the e-cert code (that'll take off $25)

Step 8: Pay balance by credit card or paypal. (I paid $3.98 for 18 burgers, cutlery set and cutting board)

My stuff comes on Sat. I can't wait. My hubby neither. He ADORES burgers.
If you have problems, check out the comments on this blog or this blog.

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Shirley said...

Really, Omaha Steaks ends your search for your favorite tasty food stuffs.