Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drugstore Plan Oct 12

I'm going to put up my plan for this coming Sun to Sat deal.

Rite Aid

You cannot believe how many things are going to be free-after-rebate. All the cold/sinus products! Yeh! Cos in our household, sniffling is a season-long battle. These are what we are hoping to get!

AYR Saline Rinse Kit (for irrigation) - $6.99
Simply Saline Baby (mist) - $3.99 (and if we get that nice lady who accepts our IP, I have a Simply Saline coupon from moneysavingmom's coupon site!)
Hylands Sniffles 'n sneezes (homeopathic)- $3.99
Metholatum chest rub - $2.99 (I wonder if this works the same as Vicks)
Lypsyl lip moisturizer - $1.99
Bee M.D natural cough drop - $2.49

We're also getting the elusive Arms and Hammer Essential kit (IF THEY ARE THERE!!!)

All these we'll pay less than $2 (for tax) if IP not accepted. If they do, we almost don't need to pay!!

This Sun, do go online to RiteAid and see what you can get for free!!


We have 2 $5 RR and $3 RR to use before next Fri.

This week, we are having that Robitussin and Dimetapp Money-Making deal!! I don't really want to buy the meds that we're not going to use, but we have to use up our $5RR and it's money-making!

Buy 3 Dimetapp. Print 3 $2 MQ here.(Doesn't seem to have a limit) Pay $5.97. Get $10RR. Earn $4.03!!

I'll also find other things I need to use up my RR.

We're skipping CVS this week, cos I'll be saving my ECBs and $5/$25 coupon for next week's diaper deal (Buy $25, get $10 ECB) It's going to be great with the coupons!!

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