Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cheap Amazon Toys

We're shopping for our kids' birthday and Christmas gifts. and found a great deal. Hope to use it just looking through the BIG pool of toys at .AmazonToys

Basically, you buy $25 worth of toys, you can get a free subscription to Cookie magazine worth of $15. But you can also write in with a form, saying you'd rather have a refund of that $15. So you spend only $10. Great deal?

Go here to start shopping: AmazonToys

And the details for the refund is here.
*UPDATE* I don't see the ad for the Cookie Magazine anymore. So, I think as of today when I looked (Nov 3) the deal should have expired.
*More UPDATES* I wrote to Amazon and they said the deal is still on and the end date is not fixed. So, go grab them!

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