Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Youdata: Small Income-earning opportunity

I've joined YouData and blogged about it before. My reviews until now are these:

1) It's very legitimate. I've been paid FOUR times since I joined on Oct 5th (not even a month). And within this 24 days, I earned $15. It's a small income-earning opportunity, but hey! it pays!

2) It's very easy to earn the money. Unlike some other survey/email-reading sites like sendearnings (which I still have and till now haven't got to $30 to be'll be a while), inbox dollars etc, this pays quite a bit, almost $0.20 per ad you watch. And you DO NOT have to spend a lot of time!! I only spent I would say a total of less than 10 mins on those $15 I earned. Can you believe it? It's just watching an ad, how long does it take?

3) They pay weekly, not till you reach a certain amount.

As I said, I'm quite full of praise for youdata. Only complaint I have is that they don't seem to have enough of the ads for me, at least. I wish they won't "close shop" soon.

So, I would encourage you, if you want to earn some money for snacks, for a little bit of extra cash, sign up on my side bar!!!! You'll need a paypal account, which is painless to create.

Earn YouData $$ at my site

If you do sign up at youdata and would like to start earning your money, can I ask you to come to my blog (on the side bar) to read the ads? You can always sign in at Youdata's site, but this can be a convenient stop for you. I don't have that much affliates on my blog (cos this blog is generally not a money-earning one), so it'll be nice to have a little bit of income. You still get your money (apparently you can choose how much to share with me and I'm happy if you get to keep all your money). I just get paid a little bit (by youdata) when you look at ads from my site. Thanks in advance!!

Happy earning!!

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